Chez Ric & Fer: fearlessly French B&B Charmer

I’m completely smitten with the charming decor of this bed and breakfast in northern France. Rebuilt with stones from the castle in Coucy le Chateau after World War II, there’s nothing like a blend of eras to bring a home back to life. And the serious stone facade does not foretell what’s inside. Continue reading


Le Chalet Zannier: French Alps Luxury

“Une Belle Escapade”, translated into English means “a lovely getaway”. Le Chalet Zannier certainly fits this delightful description. Nestled in the French Alps and comprised of three Alpine style chalets, these sumptuously designed suites are meant for luxurious relaxation. Continue reading


24hours Hotel in Hamburg: Home Away from Home


What an incredible and original hotel in the port of Hamburg, Germany. Inspired by real life tales of the sea, ship building, the harbor, and the cultures that weave them all together, this hotel is a reflection of all these influences. Continue reading


Amangiri: Peaceful Mountain Resort


In southern Utah there exists a resort that has emerged from the landscape, and for the appreciation of that landscape. Amangiri rests on 600 acres in a sheltered valley and it offers an exquisite range of suites and amenities. Every last detail is designed to immerse you in nature while enjoying understated luxury. Continue reading


Little Gillyflower & Otterling: Twin Stone Cottages in Cornwall


What a dream to have found these derelict stone cottages from the mid-1800s and to have restored them to be enjoyed by today’s lucky travelers. Now available as luxury vacation rentals, the twin cottages rest on the shores of Cornwall’s River Tamar and were originally homes for workers on a large estate. Local craftsmen rebuilt the thick stone walls and installed new slate roofs. The real magic lies inside in the charming, bright, modern interiors. Continue reading


The Chateaux de la Resle: Secretly Modern


This traditional chateau in the Burgundy region of France houses a guest suite for four under its slate covered gabled roof and a secret within its chambres d’hotes (bed and breakfast) walls. Constructed from the 17th to the 19th centuries, the buildings of Chateaux De La Resle have been renovated and transformed in to a luxurious retreat.

The main building’s interior gives up its secret the minute you walk inside. Looking for elaborate design and luxurious gilding, intricately carved moldings, portrait lined walls, and marble statues? You won’t find them here. Instead you’ll find a modern luxury created by the new owners. Continue reading


Cabanes des Grands Lacs: Floating Lake Cabins in France

In Chassey-les-Montbozon, France, one might find the perfect place for the ultimate relaxation: Floating Cabins. That’s right: Eco-friendly cabins are available for rent floating on the waters of the magnificent Les Grands Lacs, where nature is preserved at its wild and untouchable condition. A boat is the only way to access the cabins for two, while family cabins are connected by a wooden boardwalk. Continue reading


Ranch at Rock Creek: Glamping in big sky country

In my youth, occasional camping trips were a joy and the some times cold, rain-soaked, rough-ground-for-a-mattress-conditions were a requisite part of the fun. And I must admit I felt that those “camping” in luxury motor homes were missing the true essence of camping. Fast forward a couple of decades, and the tune I’m singing around the camp fire has changed. So it delights me to find the now-trendy alternative of glamorous camping, also known as glamping. Continue reading


The PopUp Hotel: Catch it while you can

This post is about a new hospitality innovation, rather than a new product per se, but don’t let that put you off. The PopUp hotel has enough cleverness and beauty to please every design junkie, even if you don’t like camping. The PopUp Hotel is a moving glamping experience that hosts guests in style at a wide range of temporary, rural and open-air events, from Glasto’ to Goodwood. Continue reading


Shipping Container Gives and Takes a Recess

The life of a shipping container is typically not glamorous. Packed to its gills, these containers travel across the globe among up to as many as 15,000 similar containers on a large ship. Once their cargo is unloaded, they’re most often left at the port where they arrived. In the case of Sleeping Around – a shipping container hotel along the river Schelde – that port is Antwerp, Belgium. Continue reading