floating cabins cdgl france 81 - Cabanes des Grands Lacs: Floating Lake Cabins in France

Cabanes des Grands Lacs: Floating Lake Cabins in France

In Chassey-les-Montbozon, France, one might find the perfect place for the ultimate relaxation: Floating Cabins. That’s right: Eco-friendly cabins are available for rent floating on the waters of the magnificent Les Grands Lacs, where nature is preserved at its wild and untouchable condition. A boat is the only way to access the cabins for two, while family cabins are connected by a wooden boardwalk. Continue reading

glamping montana rockcreek1 800x480 - Ranch at Rock Creek: Glamping in big sky country

Ranch at Rock Creek: Glamping in big sky country

In my youth, occasional camping trips were a joy and the some times cold, rain-soaked, rough-ground-for-a-mattress-conditions were a requisite part of the fun. And I must admit I felt that those “camping” in luxury motor homes were missing the true essence of camping. Fast forward a couple of decades, and the tune I’m singing around the camp fire has changed. So it delights me to find the now-trendy alternative of glamorous camping, also known as glamping. Continue reading

glamping popup hotel 21 800x566 - The PopUp Hotel: Catch it while you can

The PopUp Hotel: Catch it while you can

This post is about a new hospitality innovation, rather than a new product per se, but don’t let that put you off. The PopUp hotel has enough cleverness and beauty to please every design junkie, even if you don’t like camping. The PopUp Hotel is a moving glamping experience that hosts guests in style at a wide range of temporary, rural and open-air events, from Glasto’ to Goodwood. Continue reading

shipping container hotel sa1 - Shipping Container Gives and Takes a Recess

Shipping Container Gives and Takes a Recess

The life of a shipping container is typically not glamorous. Packed to its gills, these containers travel across the globe among up to as many as 15,000 similar containers on a large ship. Once their cargo is unloaded, they’re most often left at the port where they arrived. In the case of Sleeping Around – a shipping container hotel along the river Schelde – that port is Antwerp, Belgium. Continue reading

boutique hotel fox 50x50 - Hotel Fox: art and hospitality

Hotel Fox: art and hospitality


If you find yourself in the lovely city of Copenhagen try out the unique design Hotel Fox in the Latin Quarter near City Hall. This boutique lifestyle hotel features an alternative edge, where a group of international artists, graphic designers, and illustrators were flown in to transform the hotel into a hospitable art gallery. Continue reading

iceland hotel ion 50x50 - Ion: luxury adventure hotel in Iceland

Ion: luxury adventure hotel in Iceland


If you have a taste for some outdoor adventure and find yourself in Iceland, you should check out the Ion – the first 4 star adventure hotel in “the land of fire and ice”. Continue reading

tree hotel cabin 50x50 - Tree Hotel: a frozen moment in time

Tree Hotel: a frozen moment in time


In Harads, Sweden there’s a very special hotel for nature lovers: Treehotel. An exquisite hotel experience is carefully spread between the forests in order to capture a frozen moment in time… Contemporary architecture was specially conceived to keep nature intact for a minimal environmental impact. A unique conceptual approach lead to a set of alternative solutions for the conventional hotel room: Scandinavia’s leading architects were invited to create five unique treerooms: the Cabin, the Mirrorcube, the Bird’s Nest, the Blue Cone and finally the UFO. Continue reading

boutique hotel altexpo 50x50 - ALTexpo: A collective work of art

ALTexpo: A collective work of art


Located at Toronto’s International airport, Hotel ALT is one of Canada’s chic hotels. Egyptian cotton sheets, goose down duvet covers, a spa-style shower with glass walls, and an iHome alarm clock are just a few of the pampering accessories offered for the lucky traveler to enjoy.

This is all good and well, however today I would like to focus on the unique wall mural, or should I say collective work of art, decorating this stylish hotel lobby. Oh, how I would love to have a wall like that in my living room… Continue reading

ecocamp patagonia domes 50x50 - EcoCamp Patagonia Domes: A sustainable hybrid hotel

EcoCamp Patagonia Domes: A sustainable hybrid hotel


Have you heard about Torres Del Paine in Patagonia, Chile? It is a National Park with mountains, a glacier, a lake, and river-rich areas in southern Chilean Patagonia. Torres Del Paine is the peak of the mountain range, Cerro Paine reaching 3050 meters above the ocean level…We’re talking about one of the most natural places in the entire planet with its unique environment. So, how can an exclusive spot like this receive tourists without damaging its natural resources? EcoCamp Patagonia Domes is the Eco –friendly architectonic answer to this defying challenge. Continue reading

boutique hotel amsterdam droog2 50x50 - Hotel Droog in Amsterdam

Hotel Droog in Amsterdam


Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Are you planning to visit any time soon? Then Hotel Droog, located in the historical city center of a -17th century building, should better be on your list! As for myself, after 5 visits to the city of canals, bicycles, and pretty houses, I still cannot get enough and I’m always looking forward to my next trip there. Hotel Droog makes me want to prepare all arrangements as soon as possible, cause this is a piece of experience I can’t wait to have! Continue reading