Home for a young couple: v-shaped house extension


A Japanese house extension was built for a family who wants to keep two generations close by. In Shizuoka, Japan there’s a small two-story building with a total floor area of 82sqm that fulfills these special requirements: a house for sheltering the sleeping and study areas of a young couple while social areas were kept in a shared logic with the existing house. Flexibility was a goal to be achieved in this singular context, so an ingenious design explored the traditional values of Japanese architecture in a more dynamic approach. Continue reading


House H: a magical trip In Tokyo


Are you ready for a magical trip inside an exquisite piece of contemporary architecture? In Tokyo, Japan there’s a four-story building full of unexpected spatial surprises: House H. Located in a very small site totally surrounded by multi-story residences, the challenge became crystal clear for both architect and client: merge privacy with the basic need for daylight and views over the tight exterior area. Continue reading


Layered House: serenity of a temple


In Hokkaido, Japan there’s a residence that evokes the serenity of a temple: Layered House. Its scale and tectonics reinforce a state of quietness, a perfect place for living in one of the busiest areas of the city. A hermetic two-story volume with a total floor area of 202sqm preserves the necessary boundary between domestic and urban environments. A large gap on the front facade indicates the entrance and garage areas, accompanied by three tiny square windows. The rest of the facade remains totally opaque, like a defensive wall. Continue reading


House in Tousuien: A glowing lantern by night


A giant light volume erupts from the ground of Hiroshima, Japan. House in Tousuien serves both as a home and domestic museum for an avid collector of motorcycles and his family of four. We’re talking about a three-story building with a total floor area of 208sqm completely covered in translucent panels. The outcome couldn’t be more impressive: an inhabitable lantern that glows its warm light through the entire neighborhood. Continue reading


Dog Salon: Live and Work In A Small House


In Oita, Japan there’s a house that gathers a mother, a child and a dog: Dog Salon. This small single-story building with a total floor area of 66sqm is totally covered in grey metallic panels contrasting with the surrounding rice fields. The program follows the desire to combine work and living areas in a small space : one end of the building serves as the living space while the work area – a dog salon – is placed on the other side. Continue reading


House with Gardens: Urban Nature


In Kanagawa, Japan there’s a shiny volume with an unconventional shape that shelters a family of four and a series of domestic gardens. House with Gardens is a small four-story building with a project area of 136sqm placed in a quiet residential area where birds can be heard all day long… The designation of this piece of contemporary Japanese architecture fully expresses the concept behind a remarkable fusion between nature and urban context. Continue reading


H Orange: where privacy is not an issue


Not all houses have the privilege of being surrounded by woods and a small field, especially not in a dense urban city like Tokyo, Japan. H Orange is one of these rare examples: a small three-story building, with a project area of 115sqm, placed in an outstanding urban setting where privacy is not an issue. Continue reading


White Cave House: Bright Minimalism

Modern Japanese house  by Japanese architect Takuro Yamamoto

White Cave House is a two-story building with a total floor area of 172sqm that serves a family of three: a married couple and their child. Its pure and bright appearance irradiates serenity, while following a clear principle of privacy as the monolithic white volume’s facade is interrupted by a huge opening that serves as the parking space. Continue reading


Sky Catcher House: The sky is the limit

Japanese House - A patio house in Atsugi, Japan

A patio house usually offers privacy and intimacy. Sky Catcher House in Atsugi, Japan shows how to achieve such a delicate task. Windowless facades reaffirm the need for privacy as well as the lattice sliding front door: a covered parking area is placed separately from the main building, connected by a trail of concrete slabs. Once inside this two-story 105sqm house, an open courtyard bordered by living spaces and enclosed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows welcomes inhabitants. Continue reading


4n House: quietly floating

Japanese architecture - Small japanese houses

An earthquake proof home rests over an artificial hill that substituted a two level site with a retaining wall. A couple and their two children are now sheltered inside a two-story building with a total floor area of 119sqm. The house seems to quietly float over the gentle slope while providing the perfect spot for panoramic views over Ikoma City, Japan. In fact, the cantilevered front end of the pitched volume forms the shelter for an entrance porch, leading to the staircase and up into the house. Continue reading