House Sar

This modern home is an exemplary showcase of geometric grace and muted tonality. The palette is as introverted as the house appears to be from the street. Nico Van der Meulen Architects flooded the interiors with light from clerestory windows, without a drop of privacy being compromised. You will never believe it was crafted from a single level gable roofed home! Continue reading


Monique Corriveau Library

This library is a truly religious experience. It is housed in the former St. Denys-du-Plateau Church, an elegant soaring creation of the late architect Jean-Marie Roy, erected in 1964. And it honors a local award-winning and prolific author of children’s books, Monique Corriveau. Continue reading


House under the oak

Geometry with a few well-executed twists creates elevated spaces. SDA Architekti enhanced the quality of life for this Warsaw family with carefully considered fluctuation of typically rigid forms. In the suburban setting, privacy was a high priority. An L-shaped plan revealed itself as the solution to provide privacy at the public street side and take secluded advantage of the backyard. Continue reading


Bolton Residence

I’m fascinated by the multitude of ways that a simple country home can be executed so that it is unique. Naturehumaine architects conceived this mountain house in eastern Quebec, at the pinnacle of a dramatically sloped site. The natural plateau presented itself as the perfect location to settle in. Continue reading


LR Refurbishment

Sometimes just adding light breathes new life in to a 100+ years old building. Designed by Tecto Arhitectura, this newly renovated family home’s classic features are highlighted by the enlarged windows and sky lights. Though always occupied throughout its life, the building suffered from a structure’s greatest enemy, water. A new highly insulated roof and modern high performing windows keep out the weather and city noise. Of course, all the while they’re protecting the layers of personality inside for the current and most fortunate occupants and generations to come. Continue reading


Casa Fiera

Restoring an ancient Italian home must be high on every architect’s list. Massimo Galleoti has transferred his good fortune and his design to the owners of this home in Treviso, Italy. All signs of the building’s neglect are gone and a modern home resides within the ancient walls. Continue reading


White and Colored Solar Modules

At last, photovoltaic (PV) panels are available in colors other than deep blue and black. PV panels collect solar energy and turn it in to electrical power. Deep blue and black absorb the most sun light and make the panels more effective and efficient. However, these color limitations, along with other challenges such as high cost, have mostly relegated them to discreet locations, typically roof tops. Continue reading


Landsdowne House

In an inner city suburb of Montreal that’s rich with historic homes, a new home blends remarkably well. Neo-gothic and arts and crafts style neighbors use ornate asymmetry as their defining elements. The modern house, designed by Affleck de la Riva architects, is like their spirited young offspring. Continue reading



Outside Vienna is a home that utilizes the challenges of the site and lofty energy goals to create dynamic responsive architecture. Juri Troy Architects designed the house as part of Velux’s Pan European model home 2020 project. Six different homes are being built using varying methods of sustainable design and living. Continue reading


Camera Lucida

What artist wouldn’t want to create in this amazing studio? Designed by Christian Tonko, the hillside workshop is industrial in form and material. It’s very reminiscent of an artist’s urban loft in a former factory. The resident artist paints and sculpts here, sketching and painting small watercolors on the upper section and sculpting and painting larger pieces on the lower level. Continue reading