The Modern THAI House

Thanks to Tuttle Publishing I had the pleasure of uncovering some of Thailand’s most beautiful houses. The wonderful book “The Modern THAI House” by Robert Powell aroused my curiosity to explore how today’s young architects deal with various challenges such as sustainability, natural cooling, cultural tradition, and the unique climate of Southeast Asia.

This book is a large hardcover (224 pages) depicting 25 amazing projects in the vicinity of Bangkok, Phuket and Chiangmai, featuring detailed plans and photos of amazing houses surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, water features, and magnificent sea views. Continue reading


The Iceberg

When you think of waterfront apartments, you may imagine high rises that steal the show from every one behind them. Or perhaps images of quaint cottages come to mind. In this former container port of Aarhus, Denmark, the Iceberg apartment complex is neither of those. Yet it gives views to every resident of its 208 apartments without compromising future buildings and views. Continue reading


Who will be crowned World Interior of the Year 2014?

I guess we’ll just have to wait for INSIDE World Festival of Interiors design awards ceremony in October at Singapore’s most spectacular Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This year’s awards consist of 60 nominations from 21 countries across nine categories; from Creative Re-use, Hotels and Residential, to Offices, Retail, Bars & Restaurants, and more – Check out our favorite nominees.

* Pictured above is Harrods Escalator Hall in London, designed by Make Architects. The stunning centrepiece glass chandelier was designed by sculptor Dale Chihuly. Continue reading



The Interchange house in Portland, Oregon, demonstrates the give and take of traditional and contemporary residential design. Instead of creating the ever so familiar front yard and back yard, the home revolves around a central courtyard. You won’t find the predictable front porch and attention grabbing front door. The two-story house is grounded by a stark white first floor. A vertical window pierces one side, opposite the metal covered entrance and door. The street facade of the second level is virtually all floor-to-ceiling glass, framed in a wide band of aluminum. Horizontal timbers wrap the corner near the entrance door. Continue reading


Paivarinne house

In the Finnish countryside at the intersection of a forest and a cultivated orchard, a family with three children built a generous home of 220 sq. m. It’s an honest and straightforward two story structure with a gently pitched gable roof. Resting at the top of a rolling hill, this holiday home takes great advantage of the view. Continue reading


P Blok Production Studio

This transformation of a former warehouse in to a photography studio and offices is large in size and creativity. At 450 sq.m. the space accommodates large scale photography studios, offices, and post-production. Support for the business is given in the make-up and dressing rooms, lounges, and a café. The brief was to craft all of these areas with flair and within a limited budget. Continue reading


Farrar Residence: luxury living

Solidly anchored by poured-in-place concrete foundations, this luxurious residence rests on the hillside of an aspen forest in Park City, Utah. The two level 12,000 sq.ft. home’s main rectilinear form is parallel to the hill for maximum immersion in to nature. Its materials of wood, concrete, and steel blend in to their surrounding in texture and tone. Perpendicular to the major form, the entrance is dramatic with its exposed frame of heavy timber and blackened steel that mimics the trees. The drama of the double height living spaces with floor to ceiling windows is only surpassed by the spectacular forest views. Continue reading


The Hendee Borg House: See the Light

Day light is often an underutilized design element. Yet for artists, one a sculptor and one a media artist, who own this Sonoma, California home, that brilliant component is mandatory. Designed by architect William O’Brien Jr., here natural light takes center stage as the most important aspect of the house’s design. Continue reading


The Butte Residence: Sprung from the Bluff

Architecture that springs from its site as a natural occupant is a rare thing, especially when the home is large, as in 7600 square feet large. The Butte Residence is delicately nestled on its 38 acre bluff in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A driveway meanders through the site’s pine and aspen forest setting the stage for the amazing home that will unfold. Continue reading


La Sentinelle: Modern Guardian

Just the location of this new family home in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec overlooking a pristine lake should fulfill any home owner’s wishes. Add to that a clever plan derived from site constraints, and expectations are succeeded. Continue reading