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Boetger Home

Located along the Holston River in the great state of Tennessee, lies Boetger Home. This modern display of elegance was designed for a young family of 3+pet, to begin writing their story within, providing a picturesque place to grace their storybook cover.

As an enviro-conscious build that boasts of requiring only half the electricity and water consumption to run – comparatively to like-spaces, this river home is a sustainably slick array of grey brick, white walls and wood accents.

With a flat roof and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, the view takes over beautifully, leaving little need for decorative items throughout the space.

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Bringing back the allure of an open carport, the scene is set from the exterior of the home, while inside – bedrooms that lead out onto open-air porches and look on to custom bookshelves, make the space airy and homey.

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modern family home design river cb - Boetger Home

With glass walls and a see-through wire-style railing off the stairway, it separates the upper floor without obstructing the view, keeping in pace with a bright palette of natural light, white surfaces and furnishings; bringing the beginning of this family’s story back to simple times, blank slates and the perfect place to call home!

modern river home design stairs cb - Boetger Home

modern river family home design cb - Boetger Home

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modern river home design bathroom cb - Boetger Home

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Architects: Chad Boetger / BarberMcMurry Architects
Photography: Denise Retallack

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