modern home design exterior tva 1000x667 - Gafarim House

Gafarim House

Provocative, is how I would describe Gafarim House. From the impeccably clean exterior lines, painted white among thick black framed windows, to the smooth as glass pool, which sits flush with the patio; the quiet allure of this modern home speaks volumes.

From the street, the house is completely private. Inside, the space is designed as an open concept – flowing from room to room – with amazing views of the Portuguese countryside.

modern home design facade tva - Gafarim House

modern home design tva - Gafarim House

Although considered a country home, this house is contemporary as it gets without being overtly stark, allowing natural light to create warmth, high ceilings to create depth, and a good choice in furniture to bring about a homey feel to the space.

Pieces of furniture such as the elongated dark wood dining room table surrounded by grey cloth chairs, or the larger-than-life grey sectional and wooden cabinets, fit the space perfectly.

modern home design living tva - Gafarim House

modern home design dining tva - Gafarim House

A marble wrapped kitchen island looks on to both sitting areas, slightly raised above the rest, providing symbiotic perfection between a modern interior and a traditional landscape, this modern piece of architecture is provocative allure at its finest.

modern home design kitchen tva - Gafarim House

modern home design pool tva - Gafarim House

Architects: Tiago do Vale Arquitectos
Photography: Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography

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