modern brick design exterior bdc - The Interlock

The Interlock

Whether you’re a fan of Tetris, a Lego aficionado, or simply are fascinated by amazing architecture; The Interlock is your dream come true.

Set in the Fitzrovia district of London, this interlocking structure stands 5-storey’s tall, and offers a multi-purpose space from which to work, lounge or live amidst the three residential units within.

modern brick design bdc - The Interlock

Designed by Bureau de Change, this is a first of their kind – fueled by their commission to create innovative architecture, implementing a 3D type facade with misshapen bricks as their building blocks.

modern brick design black bdc - The Interlock

In the evening light, The Interlock appears regal with its Blue Clay bricks interwoven among elongated windows in triplicate on each floor; creating a reflective appeal as well as a sense of importance – as though, whatever goes on within this matt mold, is definitely of a fine nature.

Nestled between 19th century buildings and post-war structures, the exterior brickwork of this space makes it an illusive timepiece, having onlookers wondering about the history and origin of such a contemporary yet timeless configuration. While the interior boasts of a modern appeal – with its marble-wrapped bathroom, flat white walls, ebony encased skylight, glassed in partition, wood flooring and open concepts throughout.

Top to bottom, The Interlock is a shared vision that translates into a new kind of English streetscape, turning traditional into transformational!

modern interior windows design bdc - The Interlock

modern interior skylight design bdc - The Interlock

modern interior bathroom design bdc - The Interlock

modern interior design bdc - The Interlock

Architects: Bureau de Change
Photography: Gilbert McCarragher

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