wood concrete lake house design 1000x667 - La Barque Residence

La Barque Residence

Located along Lake Ouareau, outside of Montreal, Canada in Saint-Donat, this wood and concrete lake house might possibly be the chicest shanty that ever was.

Wrapped in a black sheath seen from the outside as well as in, with light wood contrasting floors, white walls and clean lines, this home is the perfect place to tap into nature and enjoy the landscape that extends beyond the ample windows.

wood concrete lake house entrance design - La Barque Residence

wood concrete lake house design side - La Barque Residence

Whether skiing at the local mountains in the winter, or enjoying a dip in the lake just outside its doors during the summer, tranquility and outdoor activities meld nicely for the family who lives here, while the open-concept environment allows for unfettered play indoors as well.

A stark black wall sets the tone for the living room, but sits softly against the view beyond, with a smooth grey sectional also balancing out the weight of this room.

wood concrete lake house dining design - La Barque Residence

wood concrete lake house living design - La Barque Residence

Additionally, a glassed-in terrace extending the length of the main living space, also offers a place to roam outdoors; the perfect spot to stop and enjoy the view.

wood concrete lake house terrace design - La Barque Residence

wood concrete lake house design view - La Barque Residence

Architects: ACDF Architecture
Photography: Adrien Williams

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