Canyon Barn House: Raw Restoration

In the Cascadian foothills, a three bedroom cabin retreat nestles in a sleepy valley. The former working barn appears to have always been a home. It seems as though it was continuously well maintained and perhaps the owners just popped in a few new lights and doors. The truth is that the retreat is the result of a meticulous attentive restoration by Seattle-based mw works. Continue reading


The tiny 12 square feet Innermost House

It seems that Diana Lorence and her husband Michael have been aiming to find their personal true essentials and sense in life. They have begun their quest and experienced a seven year adventure much different to what you might be thinking. An Innermost adventure. An Innermost House. Leaving all kind of luxuries and even prerequisites of modern life, much like electricity, behind, they set up home in the middle of the Californian woods in a tiny wooden cabin designed by Diana’s husband himself with the basic size of 12 square feet. Continue reading


Four-Cornered Villa: chromatic contrast

small modern cabin -Finland

A dark black cabin rests silently in the natural surroundings of Virrat, Finland. A single story building with a project area of 78sqm captures our eyes for its gloomy yet extremely charismatic presence – especially in the snowy wintertime. Four-Cornered Villa offers a sense of integrity, like if this sort of inhabitable piece of coal had always been there…However, there’s life inside this cross-shaped plan… Continue reading


Hus-1 Cabin: slithering across the countryside


An exquisite example of Eco-friendly architecture stands proudly attached to the unique landscape of the Scandinavian West Coast. Hus-1 is a small wooden cabin created as an artificial extension of its natural surrounding context. The form and texture of the double curved construction resembles a part of a giant snake slithering across the countryside… Continue reading


Woody35: a tiny sustainable getaway


This tiny getaway home sits on a vantage point over a giant bay landscape in Oslo Fjord, Norway. Woody35 is a small wooden cabin that provides the minimum of 35sqm(!) – yet more than enough – space to enjoy a quiet and pleasant inhabitable experience. Surrounded by an astonishing forest scenario, Woody35 proclaims its own integration within this exquisite piece of nature by using exclusively maintenance-free wood materials. This ingenious decision dominates the entire composition of the house from interior to exterior areas. Continue reading


5 Small Cabin Retreats You’ll Adore


Whether on a lake or in the woods, a tiny cabin can be all you need to get away from it all, and with the right planning it can also accommodate more than two people. Check out some of our favorite cabins – some as small as 96 sq. ft.! Continue reading


Clear Lake Cottage: a true state of bliss


In Ontario, Canada a family of five required a four-season retreat to replace an existing 1950’s small structure. Placed near a quiet lake in-between pine trees and rocks, Clear Lake Cottage seems to conquer the highest prize that a building can achieve: a perfect blend with its natural surroundings. Continue reading


Diogene Cabin: a tiny minimalist cabin


A Greek philosopher once said that luxury definitely wasn’t the real thing to be accomplished on Earth, and to prove his theory, Diogene chose to live in a modest getaway home barrel… Nowadays, Diogene is the name of a modern cabin designed as a weekend home, a workplace or a retreat from the outside world. In Weil am Rhein, Germany there’s a small wooden cabin with room for just a single person – zero chance for any kind of company – this is the perfect spot for those who seek solitude and introspection. Continue reading


Soleta Zero Energy One House: perfectly in tune


An innovative Eco home prototype is waiting to be discovered in Bucharest, Romania. Soleta Zero Energy One is a multi-use building for its versatile design: a small, single-story volume with a total floor area of 48sqm can be used as a weekend cabin, an office or even as a permanent home. The form of Soleta resembles the archaic shape of nomad tents – a modern manifest of persistent values in architecture. Continue reading


Mod Cott On The Lake: Eco-friendly guest house


In Texas, a small guest house features a unique mixture of steel and wood combined with low energy off-the-grid elements. This Eco-friendly weekend cabin is located on the outskirts of a dense forest near Lake Buchanan, firmly attached to its natural environment. Predominantly oriented to the south, the cabin’s galvanized metal exterior is punctuated by storefront windows that frame outstanding views to the south, east and west. Continue reading