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Chalet Forestier

Living small is quickly becoming a big deal around the globe, and this second family home, which acts as a forest chalet getaway, is no exception. This Atelier Barda design has been beautifully constructed in Frelighsburg QC, Canada, and is likely going to be the template for many more demands made for this style of dwelling.

Acting as a vacation home, it is built of natural wood panels, offering the family who belongs to it a home away from home designed for their specific desires. From the onset, their request was to have a house to retreat to that offered natural space, delivered raw imagery, and occupied easy maintenance.

Divided into 3 dwelling zones, this trifecta of efficient space allows for separate sleeping areas for parents and children, as well as a common living area for all. As well, the enclosed dining area provides a natural setting from which to enjoy a meal, but is set away from both the kitchen and conjoined living area, and can be utilized as anyone sees fit.



From the back, this house looks like a large ebony cinderblock plunked amidst a heavily forested background, but front-side, you quickly revel in the ambiance of openness and the airy feel the ample windows provide this contemporary cabin.



Large, dark plank flooring lines the underneath area where the picnic style multi-purpose table sits, against a backdrop of perfectly chopped firewood and shelving – giving both an aesthetic appeal, as well as delivering function for the family who only wanted to heat each room as needed.

Although this might be considered a tiny home, this modern cabin lives large in both presence and appeal, boasting of style and grace, efficiency and eco-friendly endeavors, and most importantly – a home for a family to create memories as nature intended!


Architects: Atelier Barda
Photography: ©bouchard, ©Lefevbre

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