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Topanga Cabin

Who doesn’t dream of building their own tiny woodland getaway? This dreamy cabin in Topanga Canyon, California, was designed and built by designer Mason St. Peter. The whole venture was sparked by an invitation to his friends’ cabin on the property and the prompting of the property owner to build a day use studio out of leftover and available materials.

By first clearing the site and taking an inventory of the materials that could be used, the design and construction began. The compact wooden structure rests on timbers at grade at the entrance. Surrounding on three sides, the diagonally clad in timber deck floats slightly over the gently sloped and grassy forested terrain.


Clad in reclaimed and vertically placed boards, the nearly square volume opens completely on two sides. On the public side, two large wooden panels swing open and reveal the interior and the view beyond through expansive sliding glass doors and a small window. A six-over-two panel window reveals the sleeping loft above.



Inside opposing walls are partially lined with wood shelves for open storage. One even acts as the stair to access the shallow loft. Next to that a built-in window seat is ample enough for a single guest who wants enviable views.

Double sliding glass doors and another upper window open the space further to the outside on the main wall adjacent to the deck. Bridging the width of the cabin is a thick counter that rests on the shelving and provides generous food prep and indoor/outdoor dining area.






Design: Mason St. Peter
Photography: Mariko Reed

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