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Container Homes by DeMariaDesign


Container homes by De Maria Design are architecturally designed shipping container based contemporary homes; a by-product of the architect’s total immersion into alternative construction methodologies.

The Redondo Beach House project is a recycled steel shipping container based building that also employs a combination of conventional stick frame construction and prefabricated assemblies. The modified container homes are mold proof, fire proof, termite proof, structurally superior to wood framing based homes.


* More info at De Maria Design


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8 thoughts on “Container Homes by DeMariaDesign

  1. Dr. Yusuf

    i am from Kenya. would like to put up a 3 bedroomed container home with master ensuite. please share available plans and relative costs including shipping to Mombasa.

  2. Pramod Gopal

    I was going through your web site, I am looking for the prefabricated house. I am located in Bangalore, India, I have a big project coming up very shortly, we are shortlisting the vendor for the supplies of the prefabricated homes for our project.

    Please email me the technical details of the pricing and the models available with you for immediate supply, we are in need of 1,000 units in both 1 BHK and 2 BHK formats.

    Also, please do specify if you can customize the units.

    I can also email you the CAD drawing of the 2 BHK apartment flat in case you are interested to supply us the product.

    Looking forward for your earliest reply.

  3. eden

    its a very cool concept and should be encouraged in cold region, cause cooling effect for the tropic region should be considerde and yet affordable

  4. admin

    Hi Bovi,
    I am from a hot climate myself and just the thought of hanging out in the hot summer months in a steel container doesn’t sound very practical. However, I believe the guys at deMariaDesign have thought about it.

  5. Bovi

    can you please send me details on how to design and build a shipping container house. Pictures of interior will do very well as well. i am most interested in the details of foundation joining of two or more containers and how you insulate the container as i am from a hot climate country.
    Thank you


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