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Container Homes Zigloo


Zigloo is another great example of how your house can be prefabricated by shipping containers. An almost clear 20 foot glazed wall is overlooking the view while taking full advantage of the natural light. The ground floor containers all have their steel doors intact so the owner can lock down the building when it is vacant.

container-homes-ziglooThe Zigloo container homes main entrance is sheltered by a balcony off the second floor loft. The main floor features the den with a generous storage closet, and a sliding wall that can extend the open concept of the living/dining/kitchen areas.

The upper floor of this container home contains a guest room, a loft overlooking the main floor living room, and the master suite including a generous closet and a bathroom. Both bedrooms have balconies overlooking view.

The roof top deck is easily accessible from the stairwell, offering panoramic views of the surroundings. These container homes include rainwater recycling cisterns, septic field pumps and emergency electrical generation systems.

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4 thoughts on “Container Homes Zigloo

  1. Data

    Considering the price of a home around here vs the average income and loans available on that income, anything that’s more affordable is a big plus. I work full time, but still only qualify for A$130,000. Unless I want to move even further away from work (it already takes an hour and a half to get to work) I’d need at least A$350,000 to buy the cheapest around here. $130k isn’t even enough to get a 1 bedroom flat – and I need a 2 bedroom for my son. Container homes could be an answer, if we can nudge a few AU politicians into realising it

  2. Raja K Boopalan

    The article was very interesting and this type of homes are the answer to the growing housing needs around the world. Shall be thankful for regular updates in this area.
    Thanks & Best Regards


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