container shops london - Container shops in London

Container shops in London


These are not container homes but three small retail spaces made from shipping containers. I love the styling of the timber cladding and pitched roofs – I never would have guessed these cute little shops are shipping containers in disguise.

Designed by Container City for Chelsea Space Management Ltd, these shops were craned into the busy Farmers Market in Chelsea, London, in only one day.




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3 thoughts on “Container shops in London

  1. Shipping Container Homes

    I’ve also seen these things set up as office spaces, and workshop spaces with cheap rents for small start-up companies. A great way for new companies to get on the ladder without having to worry too much about rent and office fees.

    One such site is just outside Manchester in England. Completely wired up with high speed internet, for new startups in the tech field.

    Thanks for the posts. Even the older ones are a great read, and some of the designs are rather inspirational.

    I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed 🙂



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