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Summerwood prefab studios


We found some prefab kit designs, from Toronto-based Summerwood, which can easily double as a home studio, workshop or home office space – Check out some of our favorite prefabricated designs.

Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, this 12ft. x 16ft. Sonoma style is a beautiful prefab home studio with double french doors allowing plenty of light and fresh air. Estimated at $12,463.


Located in Denver, Colorado, this 7ft. x 12ft. Palmerston style is a fairytale prefab studio/shed with an additional extra door. Estimated at $5,245.


Located in Fort Bidwell, California, this 10ft. x 16ft. Palmerston style studio is full of character with a cedar screen door, 20-pane window, opening sash windows, louvered shutters and traditional flower boxes. Estimated at $8,850.


Located in Fort Destin, Florida, this 12ft. x 14ft. Sonoma style is an elegant studio with several arched windows and a set of double french doors. Estimated at $10,363.


Located in Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota, this 10ft. x 14ft. Copper Creek style prefab studio is simply charming with its beautiful windows, cupola and screen door. Estimated at $10,480.


Whether it’s a prefab cabin, home, studio or office, in my opinion going with Prefab is a better option compared to standard construction techniques – check out this great article on the Advantages of Prefabrication.

* More info at Summerwood


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  1. karyn blount

    please give price on delivery of a 12 by 16 foot to gainesville, fl, to ashville, nc, and to wilmington, sc.


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