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Prefab Drop House


Paris-based Drop architects, created the Drop House Project, where a modern home and a comfortable living space can be achieved in the form of a prefabricated shipping container.

This prefab container home consists of small units around a central area; the units expand the master volume by withdrawing as drawers, simulating the shape of a satellite.



The Drop House features a kitchen, bathroom, entrance and two chambers.



The house is delivered all closed, by truck, while the extensions are implemented in the assembly. When not in use, it can also be kept closed and protected.




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7 thoughts on “Prefab Drop House

  1. Sunny

    I’m really interested in prefabricated and container might be d solution to d housing problem in Africa.
    Please does anyone have d architectural design and construction details of d Drop House and d LOT-EK MDU container House? Kindly send details to

  2. tarik abdullah

    hi i really love this site!ever since i heard about the containers being converted i was intrigued tto know how it was done.what type of investment are we talking for say three containers with a basic bathroom,kitchen,bedroom?

  3. ATENI Marcellino

    Interisting with your shipping container home, would like to look forwart to get one.
    Living in Tahiti French Polynesia, can you let me know if possible or not, and of course the price to get there!
    Thanks again.


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