surfacepad macbook - MacBook SurfacePad: Cover It Up

MacBook SurfacePad: Cover It Up


Personalize your MacBook with the luxury, style and comfort of the SurfacePad – an ultra-thin sliver of super soft, luxury black leather, custom tailored to seamlessly cover your laptop keyboard deck and wrist rest area of your MacBook and MacBook pro.

Designed to shield your laptop surface from dirt, oils from your skin and scratches from your watch, the SurfacePad will defiantly draw attention in conference rooms and coffee shops. It attaches with a light adhesive that allows repositioning and even temporary removal if necessary. Not a drop of glue or sticky residue will be left behind.


Designed by ‘Twelve South’, check out the way the color matches the black keys of the MacBook, not only giving your Mac a brilliant new look, but also a more comfortable surface to work on. Also available in Infinite Grey, Cyan Blue and Perfect Pink.


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