container home portabach 4 - Port-a-Bach: A Container Getaway

Port-a-Bach: A Container Getaway


Port-a-Bach is a holiday home made from a shipping container. It’s portable, secure, stylish, and can comfortably accommodate two adults and two children. How wonderful it is to just lay there, on the top bunk bed, read a book and enjoy the perfect indoor/outdoor flow.

This prefab getaway allows you to use your land without investing in a permanent housing solution; it can be connected to available services or used off the grid; and it has a minimal impact on site and can be easily transported and installed.


This portable vacation home is based on a fully enclosed steel shell, positioned on six stable concrete footings. Unfold the container to create an indoor/outdoor living space, and fold it back up for storage or when not in use. An exterior canvas screen system allows to shelter the deck area for comfortable indoor/outdoor living.


The unit includes a large open living space with kitchen, bathroom and composting toilet. However, it can also be divided into private spaces via a fabric screen system.




* All images courtesy of Atelier Workshop


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15 thoughts on “Port-a-Bach: A Container Getaway

  1. L. scott

    This is lovely. My concern is security. Let’s face it, if it can’t be locked while I’m sleeping, I would never feel secure. Sooner or later someone is going to try to get in those fabric walls. It’s so lovely though. It’s a shame security even has to be thought about.

  2. Shipping Container Homes

    Just a quick thought. Imagine buying a large plot of land, (say 25 acres), and throwing a load of these in there?
    Nice little holiday place/getaway park for people wanting a short holiday for relaxation.
    It’s certainly an attractive alternative to the many many ugly caravan parks that are around the country…and offer many advantages over static cabins and challetts out there.


  3. Gayle Nicolle

    design it come with aircon, and do you sell in them in Australia? and could you sen me all the floor plans and prices to me as well. I love the design as well.

  4. Dee

    This is a great design.

    I’ve seen them sell in AZ (with delivery) for $1800 for the 20 foot & $2400 for the 40 foot.

    People need to keep in mind a few things:
    1. crane’s are expensive and delivery means dropping these were they land–
    a. if you don’t have a big lot, it might look silly or un-aligned
    b. this design was laid “positioned on six stable concrete footings”–unless that’s just to keep the container off the ground and footers were just spaced out so container landed on them, you’ll need a crane.
    c. They are only 7 to 8 feet tall– shorter if you insulate the top (at 7 feet, 2 inches of insulation and 2 inches of flooring would make my 6’2 husband Claustrophobic.

    Now, you can probably get away with just laying it on the gravel covered ground if you don’t have too much snow/rain like in AZ–remember to first cover dirt with plastic to keep out the weeds.

    But all that glass, windows, electic, etc cost a lot of money. If you go above $10,000 to $15,000– you might as well invest in a good used RV or 5th wheel that already has all the plumbing and electric.

  5. Dennis Foltz

    Nice idea! I’m looking for just this kind of thing for some property I just bought. Love to hear from you. D.


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