laptop case hideway21 50x50 - Laptop Hideway: On Hand - Out of Sight

Laptop Hideway: On Hand – Out of Sight


I love the idea and the look of the ‘Laptop Hideaway’ computer case manufactured by Belkin. The bag is designed to accommodate a 15” laptop computer and to store the accompanying power supply and mouse. The three separate compartments provide enough room for extra items, such as a pen, ruler and magazine and one section is suitable for both widescreen and standard size screens.

The flat base enables the case to sit on the floor next to the couch, bed, chair, or desk and keeps the laptop protected, easy to reach, and hidden away from view.


Made from a durable, hand-washable micro fiber, the bag is light weight and ideal for carrying your laptop from room to room, whilst keeping everything together.

The built – in carrying handle is sturdy and comfortable to carry the case around the house, or over to a friends house. The modern, compact design is fully complemented by the color combination of Chocolate/Tourmaline, making the overall effect stylish and practical.


All in all, the ‘Laptop Hideaway’ is a convenient and inexpensive way of keeping your laptop and accessories organized in a mobile, compact and portable case. It is a perfect gift for any computer enthusiast.



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