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Harry’s Stocking Stuffers


Last night we went to see the new harry potter and the deathly hallows movie. I really enjoyed it – all 146 minutes of it… Some would say it’s quite long however, for me, it was pure joy. Here are a few more brilliant stocking stuffers from Harry’s wizarding world.

Every Harry Potter fan knows that *Lumos* is a charm that causes the tip of your wand to light up. Wizards don’t need flashlights, and from now on neither do you! Check out the Illuminating Wand – Wave the wand (or simply tap it) and the light goes on. Wave it again, and it turns off. Wand measures 14” in length, uses two AAA batteries, and arrives with a beautiful display box to put it in when you’re not using it. Hermione Granger’s wand is also available, as well as Ron’s, Professor Snape’s, Dumbledore’s and even Lord Voldemort’s – Go on, it’s time to practice your spells.


The Marauder’s Map is Harry’s GPS tracking device – A magical map that reveals secret passages that are hidden within the castle walls and the whereabouts of every person in the grounds, portrayed by a dot. If you’re looking to add charm to any room, check out this lovely decorative Marauders Map Throw Pillow. It’s beautifully detailed with a nice and soft fabric, printed with:

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs
Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers
are proud to present


Another great gift is the exclusive, Magical Collector’s Edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Although it would be hard to get your hands on Dumbledore’s book, this edition is designed to evoke the spirit of the original. It’s extensively illustrated by J.K. Rowling herself, while all 157 pages of the book is bound in brown Moroccan leather and embellished with five hand-chased hallmarked sterling silver ornaments and mounted moonstones. Who knows, maybe it will help you discover the deathly hallows…



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