christmas winter decor palmqvist2 50x50 - Palmqvist residence: A Danish family home, Christmas style

Palmqvist residence: A Danish family home, Christmas style


This home is chosen for the simplicity in which it has been decorated, allowing for all festive elements to be kept just a little bit longer perhaps, extending even to the fist days of January… I personally love to do that. I love to decorate for Christmas in a simple way much like the owner of this house did, creating an atmosphere that celebrates actually more the season of winter.

Can you think of a better way to do that than by using nature’s elements like twigs and pine cones, combined with subtle colors such as grey and beige like the velvet textiles used here to create a pair of socks to be filled with season’s goodies and greetings?



The star resting on the kitchen shelf is a beautiful detail, to be bringing out more magic when seen through the shimmering light of the candles lit on the dining table.


Then some branches casually leaning on the wall next to the fireplace and a bunch of them arranged together in a vase placed on the kitchen island are sufficient to speak of the festive spirit of the days. In the exterior, a giant wreath made of pine cones will be welcoming the family and their friends….






Photography: Wotkjær og Kattrup Via Femina

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