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Sukha Amsterdam Christmas decoration


Sukha Amsterdam shop is on the top three list of favorites by talented blogger and interior stylist Desire, a “tough lady” with an exquisite approach to design and great taste in shopping. Through reading her blog Vosges Paris, I got myself familiar to this concept store (which despite my five visits in the city of canals and bicycles the past few years is still waiting patiently on my list of ” awesome places to see”). At Sukha, the interior changes a few times around the year, proving how capable and inspired the styling team working there is.

Today, I’m sharing with you their latest Christmas decoration, even though holidays are already over. This way I’m attempting to keep the festive spirit just a little bit longer throughout January. Do you also like that? I personally like to keep Christmas decorations at least the first 10 – 15 days of the month. Especially this year that I decorated quite mildly with a forest theme where white, natural twigs and fresh wreaths prevail. I like to call it: Winter decoration rather than Christmas one.




So let’s browse through Sukha’s fascinating world together shall we?
I’m totally loving the simple, wooden, white tree carrying lanterns made from tins! I mean how pretty, adorable and a clever idea is that? The combination of white, silver and the warm light of the burning flames creates a super cozy and at the same time elegant and airy atmosphere. I also love all the hand made paper garlands in white hanging above the floating {!} dining table, where ceramic dishes in heavenly turquoise set the focal point. As a discrete detail that brings extra life to the setting are the handwritten like messages all over, mostly on the walls.


This shop is certainly heaven on earth for me, managing to bring together so many of my personal favorites: white, wood, simple diy ideas, handwriting, my favorite color to use as accent and last but not least a gorgeous window to begin with, surrounded by charming red bricks. Suskha Amsterdam – located at Haarlemmerstraat 110 near Central Station – I’ll be soon visiting you, this is a promise for 2013! Speaking of which, may you all have a splendid one!






Photography: Jeltje Janmaat

* via Vosges Paris

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