christmas winter decor palmqvist2 50x50 - Palmqvist residence: A Danish family home, Christmas style

Palmqvist residence: A Danish family home, Christmas style


This home is chosen for the simplicity in which it has been decorated, allowing for all festive elements to be kept just a little bit longer perhaps, extending even to the fist days of January… I personally love to do that. I love to decorate for Christmas in a simple way much like the owner of this house did, creating an atmosphere that celebrates actually more the season of winter. Continue reading

sukha amsterdam 9 50x50 - Sukha Amsterdam Christmas decoration

Sukha Amsterdam Christmas decoration


Sukha Amsterdam shop is on the top three list of favorites by talented blogger and interior stylist Desire, a “tough lady” with an exquisite approach to design and great taste in shopping. Through reading her blog Vosges Paris, I got myself familiar to this concept store (which despite my five visits in the city of canals and bicycles the past few years is still waiting patiently on my list of ” awesome places to see”). At Sukha, the interior changes a few times around the year, proving how capable and inspired the styling team working there is. Continue reading

tree ornaments lovi b2 50x50 - Lovi: Love it

Lovi: Love it


Let me tell you about a small, family-owned design company based in Northern Finland by the name of Lovi Oy – don’t you just love the name?

Lovi produces adorable, do-it-yourself wooden figures that will add a whimsical touch to your home and office space. Designed and patented by Anne Paso, the entire collection is ecologically-responsible – 100% made from certified Finnish forests, which are re-planted after felling. Lovi actually donates part of their income to re-planting trees around the world, so by buying a small Lovi tree or Xmas tree, you effectively plant one tree. Continue reading

christmas stocking holder2 50x50 - Christmas Stocking Holder: Floor and tabletop

Christmas Stocking Holder: Floor and tabletop


There’s nothing like a flickering fireplace to set the mood on Christmas eve. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have one or even a mantle to hang our family’s stockings from. In that case, we usually find ourselves looking for new and creative places to hang our Christmas stockings… and let me tell you, this is no easy task!

This year we have a wonderful solution, that will not only take care of this problem but also decorate your room and serve as a handy item for the rest of the year. Continue reading

holiday decor sparkly2 50x50 - a timeless collection of shiny sparkly things

a timeless collection of shiny sparkly things


If you’re like me, you prefer to beat the crowd and do your holiday decor shopping a bit early. First, I like shopping for the holidays, and second, it takes a bit of time and determination to find that special something that just oozes of quality and finesse.

So this is where I continue with my search for the most beautiful holiday decorations out there… and nothing brings a touch of festivity than a timeless collection of shiny sparkly things, like the one I’d like to show you today. Check it out… Continue reading

outdoor holiday icicles2 50x50 - icicle lights: lightshow of shooting stars

icicle lights: lightshow of shooting stars


As winter is nearly at our doorstep and with it the cold wind blowing and icy roads, it doesn’t mean our holiday decor should only be kept indoors. Here’s a wonderful outdoor holiday decor collection to brighten up your front porch and add some glitter to your house for all to see. Continue reading

crystal ice tree2 50x50 - crystal ice tree: a dazzling centerpiece for christmas

crystal ice tree: a dazzling centerpiece for christmas


As Christmas is nearly upon us, and everyone – friends, family, and even a few pets – are coming to our place, I went searching for a sparkling display. Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a dazzling centerpiece to make everyone stop and stare while making sounds of Ooh and Ahh… That’s why I was so happy when I stumbled upon this beautiful crystal ice tree – Isn’t is gorgeous? Continue reading

christmas tree pink 2 - A feather Christmas tree: Holidays glamour

A feather Christmas tree: Holidays glamour


As we all know, you can’t celebrate Christmas without a tree. But what if your tree wasn’t a real one but actually a hand-crafted, Eco-friendly feather tree in colors of heather grey, white, and even pink… Tres chic! Continue reading

snowglobes reed barton 3 - Reed & Barton Globes: A whole New World

Reed & Barton Globes: A whole New World


Children are lucky. They have so much more imagination than we do. They are inspired by little things, the kind we see as unimportant. That’s exactly why only people who are imaginative and inspired will understand the greatness of Reed & Barton’s snow globes and musicals. Continue reading

christmas decor bakery - Department 56: Christmas Decorating: Ho Ho Ho!

Department 56: Christmas Decorating: Ho Ho Ho!


Ooooo, it’s almost here, that time of the year, Christmas! I love it. I love the snow, the festivity, spending time with family and friends – I love it all. And what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by starting to decorate your home? Check out Department 56 – It has everything you need and then some. Their Christmas decorations are so charming I simply cannot decide which one I like best.

You see, it’s not just about the ‘usual’ decorations, it’s about those unique items that add a special atmosphere to your home. Whether it’s the Buckingham’s Christmas Candles with their slender form that mimics the effect of actual trees, or maybe it’s the Letters to Santa Sorting Station for the little ones to send out their yearly wishes or even for you to help sort out all the Christmas cards – its unique design will have a magical effect on you, and will get you right into the holiday spirit. Continue reading