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Meka World: Contain Yourself

Shipping container homes are awesome; they’re affordable, stylish and most of all sustainable. Three friends – a designer, an architect and a developer – decided to create a collection of container homes for the modern dweller; they define it as “one of the smartest ways to house yourself”.from the small ALP320 to the spacious 1280 Hella (priced at $39,900 – $128,000), this new collection is all about ‘modular, environmental, kinetic, assembly’ – or in short Meka.

House models vary from 320 to 1,280 sq. ft., incorporating 20-40 foot container units, featuring pine cladding for the exterior and solid bamboo for the interior, closed cell spray foam insulation for walls, ceilings and floors, insulated glazing units, kitchen, bathrooms, lighting and more. Meka claims that final on-site assembly can be achieved in under 7 days.









Here are a couple of photos of the ‘MEKA ALP320’ home that turned up in the corner of Washington and Charles street, in the middle of Manhattan, New York.




* More info at Meka World


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17 thoughts on “Meka World: Contain Yourself

  1. Heather Harper

    Ilike your shipping containers can you please begin to market and create your product locally .I need to see made in America.

  2. Shipping Containers Sale

    Shipping containers can really make a beautiful and inexpensive vacation cabin. The wood exteriors are a nice touch – they really help mask the industrial nature of the container and help it blend in with the surroundings. I think my favorite part is the fold-down deck. It opens up a lot of square footage in the exterior and adds a lot of extra space to your dwelling.

  3. Nina

    Wow.. my dad was telling me about these today at first I thought – hmm sounds hot and rather..tinny(!) but he insisted I google and wow, these designs have made me want to pursue further. Gorgeous, especially adding wood for that natural feel. Is there anyone who has done one in North Island New Zealand?

  4. Loan


    This is my first time visit the site.
    I love the design and especially the dollars.
    Can u show me where these designs display in Victoria. I would like to explore more of portable homes before I make decision to purchase it.

    Will coucil approval for this portable homes in Victoria
    or do I have to satisfy b/t 36-38 rules by the council?

    Thanks and goodnite.

  5. Lee

    I wish there was some way of making these container homes traditional-looking. I personally don’t like contemporary. I have old pieces of furniture I like such as a Duncan Fyfe dining table, etc.–this sort of furniture of mine would look silly in these container homes.

  6. Shipping Container Homes

    These designs are just WOW!

    I like the THOR960 and HELA1280 designs. These three friends have deffinately stubled across something.

    I love the way they’ve styled the outside of the containers. Most people are put off this form of construction purely because they think it looks ugly. This isn’t ugly. This is purely something beautiful.

    I feel with continued exposure, this shipping container concept for homes if something that’s about to explode, in a huge way.


  7. Shipping Container Homes

    Wonderful designs, very stylish and well thought out.

    Its just such as shame that in order to get down to these prices that these units are made in China.

    There is nothing green or good about building these units in China and dragging them to the US as low cost housing solutions – its all about the $$$ dollars.

    Be inspired by the designs and find someone to produce this locally for you or even DIY if you have the skills.

    The moment that this manufacturer manufactures locally ( where ever the customer is – heck if its for China build it in China by all means ) they will have my full support.

  8. Shane

    I like the outside pine cladding. Softens the industrial look of the container. Some original ideas in there also. Good work.

    thanks busyboo for bringing it to us.


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