shipping container moderne 8 - Moderne Sales Center: Urban container office

Moderne Sales Center: Urban container office


The Moderne is a 30-story high-rise building featuring luxury apartments and penthouses, in Milwaukee’s Park East Corridor. However, our story does not revolve around this fancy up-scaled condo; we wanted to tell you about its Eco-friendly, shipping-container-based Sales Center.

Up until now, we’ve showcased modern homes and getaway retreats constructed from recycled containers; but who says this green building method cannot be used for offices and public spaces…


The architects of this project decided to re-use industrial shipping containers and convert them into a temporary sales center for the Moderne project. The result is wonderful – a piece of architecture with an urban flair, that makes a bold statement about the area’s industrial past and its future urbanization.





* More info at Rinka Chung


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  1. dimhuang

    hi, sir
    having some inquiries about in normal cases, does the Melbourne council have approval for me to build the container house in my land area which is belong to whitehorse city council? i have designer the blueprint and the done the building proposal
    below is my e-mail address:
    hope heard your reply asap


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