tiny trailer sealander 22 50x50 - SeaLander: A tiny trailer that floats

SeaLander: A tiny trailer that floats


When you say: the great outdoors – I say: count me in! And when it comes to a new, stylish motor home, it’s even better. Check out the SeaLander – a tiny travel trailer with amphibian characteristics. Meaning, if you’re going on a trip and find yourself on the shores of a beautiful lake, it doesn’t mean you stop there, no… Simply let the SeaLander into the water and float away – go swimming, fishing or even explore an island.

The SeaLander features an integrated waterproof chassis, a low-emission electric motor, and a rechargeable battery that supplies electricity to the interior living area and can easily be recharged from the towing vehicle during your journey on land.


This compact travel trailer is stable and secure, narrow and lightweight, and can be towed by a small car. It also has a versatile tarpaulin roof, which can be converted into an open top, closed again with press studs or removed completely when you feel like counting stars at night – no matter whether on land or on water.

Inside, the small space is utilized to the maximum; it has a cooking and washing-up unit, cooler and heater, and seating that can be converted into a spacious sleeping area. Hook it up and let’s go!


* More info at SeaLander


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3 thoughts on “SeaLander: A tiny trailer that floats

  1. david

    YOu should be out of busy soon, this thing looks like a cross between a floating tire, and a cheat raft! sorry just letting you know.


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