container guest house 5 - Container Guest House: Live Easily

Container Guest House: Live Easily


You don’t have enough room to accommodate your guests? Take a shipping container, place it in your garden and refurbish it as a home for guests. Just like the initiators of the next project did. As a result of their cooperation with the architects, they now can enjoy this cute metal addition as a guest house. Big windows, an outdoor space in the form of a narrow terrace, and even a canopy with street lamps: all the attributes necessary for a small home away from home.

I love the choice of colors and how they add up to this wonderful prefab project – Navy blue for the container house, and bright orange for the outdoor furniture. Inside, the interior design is youthfully bright, as well. Wooden cladding mixed with colorful pieces of furniture makes the room cozy and inviting.


So do the three street lamps that hang above the terrace and make it a pleasant place for your guests to spend cool evenings outdoors, in front of their temporary home.


There is one more peculiarity about this simple at first sight, yet smartly designed container home: the roof is “green’’! Covered with a lawn, where field flowers, different kinds of grasses and other plants seem to feel themselves quite comfortable. A nice (and separate from your own apartment!) alternative for your guests’ room, isn’t it?





* More info at poteet architects

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