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Leaf House: all aboard! by Laird Herbert


A tiny portable home…who wouldn’t love to have one? Especially when it takes a small amount of space and is prepared to accommodate a family of four! That’s the Leaf House, a Canadian creation by Laird Herbert, who was inspired by the timeless concept of building our own home.

Yet this small cabin mounted on wheels is all about Eco-friendly construction: built on top of a conventional travel trailer base, its main goal was to defy the cold climate of Canada. In order to efficiently respond to this precious need, the Leaf House was constructed using Forest Stewardship Certified timber, recycled materials, natural finishes and ecological building products.

However, an important question is still ringing in my ear: how can such a small cabin contain enough room for four people? Let’s enter this mobile dream home to unlock the mystery!



The interior features a living area with a sofa bed while raised sleeping quarters are disposed above, accessed by a wooden ladder. The service facilities are also cleverly distributed: a fully functional kitchen is ready to prepare the most delicious meals that can be fully appreciated in an open dining area. A bathroom with a compact bathtub guarantees the necessary comfort for the whole family.

Self-sustaining elements transform this portable residence into a fine example of green technology: a composting toilet, a water storage unit and a propane hot water system, along with an Ecoheat electric baseboards, LED and halogen lighting… Well, at this moment I’m incredibly encouraged to taste a little bit of this nomad life style myself.





* More info at Leaf House

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