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Ketterer motor homes: travel in style


I presume that whether one is a fan of travel trailers or not, the Custom Line of these super modern motor homes from Ketterer will at least draw attention and rise interest in exploring how far modern technology has reached.

From the exterior to the interior, these motorhomes have little or perhaps nothing to be jealous off next to the finest design hotels of the world’s most beloved cities. Additionally, one may take his/her private and custom designed “mini hotel“ with them, while traveling the continents, country after country, settling in their favorite spots when they wish, however they wish. It looks as if a breath of fresh air and enormous capacity has been blown in the once adored VW van, around the times of the hippies.

Ketterer motor homes have of course – if anything at all! – little in common with the undoubtedly sympathetic, vintage VW vans, other than the fact they both have… wheels! The exterior of these super modern motorhomes reminds more of luxury vehicles than anything else.

Just look at their clean, sleek, elegant lines and the fact they can even carry your mini car, so that you can comfortably be mobile in every place you visit or vacation to.



As for their interior, there is no limit to the design possibilities. From colors, to materials and floor plans, everything can be fully customized allowing you to give your motor home your own signature, just like you were going to do when putting together the interior of your home.

I personally am absolutely amazed by the futuristic white interior you see below, where part of the cabin expands, in order to unfold with the touch of a button extra square meters and space for you to use and enjoy. So what do you say, are you willing to take a tour around the world with one of these beauties?




* More info at Ketterer

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