invisible bike helmet 21 50x50 - Invisible Bike Helmet: fashion meets function

Invisible Bike Helmet: fashion meets function


Now you see it, now you don’t. The Invisible Bike Helmet by Hovding gives a whole new meaning to ‘safety design’. Engineered by two Swedish designers, the helmet was created to answer the prayers of many of their fellow countrymen cyclists in order to spare them the embarrassment of wearing a conventional helmet. Thus the Hovding invisible helmet was ingeniously born from the ashes of complaints. This brilliant state-of-the-art device could be easily mistaken for a piece of high fashion accessory to the untrained eye.

The ‘helmet’ is made of a super strong nylon material and is discretely concealed within a collar apparatus covered by a stylish removable shell. The shell currently comes in 2 different options, a classic and all fitting black, or a contemporary chic paisley.


The collar features a USB rechargeable battery and a black box that records information about your impact upon deployment of the airbag helmet. The helmet’s advanced sensory technology releases the airbag type helmet within milliseconds once it detects abnormal movement to have the rider safely protected prior to any impact. I’m glad to know that this piece of fashion meeting function can save your life without killing your style.



* More info at hovding


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