toshiba kirabook ultrabook 2 50x50 - Toshiba Kirabook: A Premium Ultrabook

Toshiba Kirabook: A Premium Ultrabook


Shed the television, the desktop, and the entertainment system that consumes a third of your room. Laptops, specifically ultrabooks, are transforming into more than multi-purpose tools. They incorporate the newest sound design, the clearest screen definitions, and the smallest form. While Apple may have branded the MacBook Air as the light, slim, aluminum-clad ultrabook class as the product to beat, every other familiar computer company seems to be adding their own designs to the ultrabook series, and they’re doing better then the fruit company. So now the ultrabook to beat is the Kirabook from Toshiba.

With a magnesium enclosure that is double the strength of the MacBook Air’s aluminum enclosure, the Kirabook is currently the ultimate ultrabook. The general design of ultrabooks revolves around the slim, metallic, and tapered form, and the Kirabook stays within this convention. But where it differentiates from other ultrabooks is in the display and the material. The Corning Concore glass screen, enabling touch functions, displays a 90% higher pixel density than standard HD.

If the ultrabook stage of laptop design is un-improvable, for the most part, the Kirabook finds those last few improvements to secure its status.


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