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MiniMod: Modern Prefab Living

Prefabricated or Off Site Construction (OCS) has so many advantages – perfect indoor conditions in which to build, the use of equipment that can be difficult or cost prohibitive to bring on site, the reduction of construction time, cost, and waste, and greatly minimize the destructive impact on the building site, just to name a few.

With offices in Uruguay and Brazil, MAPA’s prefab houses are built of steel frames with options only limited by the basic cube size. Your MiniMod will be completely fabricated and assembled in their facility and then delivered and placed on your site. Or it can be disassembled and delivered to your property in smaller pieces to be assembled there.



Yet even with all of those benefits, they must be aesthetically pleasing to truly create a home. MiniMod does all of these things exceptionally well. Crisp and cleanly executed details create modern comfort inside and out. Place windows and doors where you wish, along with kitchens and baths with the latest in style and technology.



How you choose to use your MiniMod is completely up to your imagination. Perhaps it’s your private office or a pop-up shop. Place it on that lakeside property you purchased years ago. Create a guilt-free family getaway complex with a unit for each of you and your siblings and their families.






Architects: Maam and Studio Paralelo
Photography: Leonardo Finotti

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