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I look at many prefabricated tiny homes and these have taken top billing! PodHouses come delivered to you in your choice of three sizes, from just under seven to nearly twelve sq.m. Models include the Menhir, Cauma, and Plaun. Portal can be added to Cauma and Plaun for weather protection and a tiny terrace. What they have in common is a charming arched structure with highly insulated walls and roof. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood – larch outside and pine inside – pair with double glazed windows and doors. Iron beams support the floor and ease your on-site installation and future moving.

Prepare for your PodHouse by installing a concrete foundation based on the plan provided by the manufacturer, but only after you have obtained your building permit. Hire a forklift or crane to move your new PodHouse from the delivery truck to your prepared foundation. Your new tiny pod comes fully wired with lights, switches, and outlets. Just schedule a visit with your electrician to hook it up to your power supply.


And there is no need to worry about the interior furnishings. PodHouse has a cozy arrangement with Zurich based interior design firm, Livingcase. They’ll deck it out with the final touches to deliver your tiny dream pod. You just have to choose your location!



Architects: PodHouse
Photography courtesy of PodHouse

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