soundsystem design lp160 800x599 - LP 160 Loudspeaker

LP 160 Loudspeaker

As the recipient of the Red Dot Design Award, the LP 160 Loudspeaker is the handiwork of designer Samuel Accoceberry, but the brainchild of Timothee Cagniard. This high-end speaker is a masterpiece that offers impeccable state-of-the-art sound in a traditional looking turntable style device, which can link up to your wirelesses devices also.

With an aim to create optimal sound with visual appeal, the LP 160 hit the target head on, without any heavy-duty setup and only one power socket to run the entire audio system.


This re-interpretation of the old school Hi-Fi system is a 21st century sound system that delivers top-range loudspeakers, converters and amplifiers, without being a cumbersome piece the “boom-box style” sound equipment of yesteryear.

The LP 160 Loudspeaker is truly a lifestyle piece, beautifully crafted for those who not only listen to music, but make music an impeccable part of their every day existence.


Design: La Boite concept
Photography: David Meignan

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