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Looking at the epic design and colors of the Caruso trumpet sound speakers, we can’t help but burst into song: “it’s all about that base, ‘bout that base”. But seriously …could genius be any more beautiful?!

Designed by Paolo Cappello and proudly distributed by Miniforms, Caruso has revolutionized tradition, and can turn anyone’s furniture into the sound of music. With distinctive design and vibrant colors, Caruso matches their product to your decor or personality as you see fit.

The flexible ceramic is applied on the outside part of these trumpet’esque speakers, delivering furniture structure outlines unlike any you have seen before. But these are not just for looks …Caruso includes a HI-FI sound system, delivering Bluetooth 4.0 capable connection that offers a rich and unexpected high performance sound.


Coming at you in 13 different finishes to choose from; your home, office or any given resting place you choose to give Caruso, will resound with dynamic sound and be looked upon as structural art.

Bottom line – great design!



Design: Paolo Cappello
Photography courtesy of miniforms

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