aa batteries recharger aaden3 800x315 - Aaden


There are so many wonderful gadgets out there that are making our digital world easier to live in. One such gadget is the Aaden- a small and compact AA battery charger. The charger consists of a minimalistic black box that houses two AA batteries and which plugs into your USB port. So whenever you run out of juice for your mouse, speakers, keyboard and the like, you can simply use your previously charged batteries and keep on going…. Continue reading

smart remote control blumoo 800x534 - Blumoo


I got excited when the first universal remote control came out, but the Blumoo makes it look pretty ancient. The Blumoo is a mobile app that transforms any smartphone or tablet into a universal remote control. Using the Blumoo you can easily control your TV, audio system, satellite box and any other home theater equipment, and you never have to worry ever again about finding the remote! Continue reading

tech gear organizer kit 800x537 - Tech Dopp Kit

Tech Dopp Kit

Wouldn’t you like all of your tech gear to fit into a cool, organized pouch? Instead of having cables running wild and disk-on-keys on the loose, you can now house them all in a designer bag called the Tech Dopp Kit. The Kit has designated spaces for rolled-up cables, pockets for a mouse and an external disk drive, room for headphones and a central zipped pocket for small items such as batteries or memory cards. Best of all, the design of the Tech Dopp Kit is simply stunning. Made from genuine leather, it has a 20th century travel bag look that is elegant and sophisticated. Continue reading

wireless speaker beoplay a6 800x799 - BeoPlay A6

BeoPlay A6

If you are a music lover, you are about to fall head over heels in love. The BeoPlay A6 by B&O is a cutting-edge speaker that is truly a design breakthrough. Aside from its exquisite looks, it offers ease of use like never before- literally with the slide of your hand you control volume, track selection, mute and more… Not only that, it is packed with technological features that ensure that the sound is exceptional and that it spreads perfectly throughout the space. Continue reading

iphone ipad camera dxo12 800x611 - DxO ONE Digital Camera

DxO ONE Digital Camera

We are all constantly taking and sending photographs from our Smartphones. If you want to upgrade your capabilities and take professional pictures using your iPhone, the DxO ONE Digital Camera lets you do so with ease and style. This Camera is an ingenious invention that fits directly onto your cellular phone and allows you to take, share, edit and store your photographs like never before. Continue reading

smartphone car mount joby 800x534 - JOBY GripTight Auto Vent Clip

JOBY GripTight Auto Vent Clip

Listen up! Because I just found my holy grail of in-car hands-free smartphone mounts. I thought the bumpy road on my way to the farmers market today would be ideal for a test drive, and let me tell you it didn’t budge. Not even a little. On top of that, it’s really tiny so it doesn’t cramp my car’s interior… Perfect!
Let me introduce you to JOBY’s GripTight Auto Vent Clip. Continue reading

gopro hero4 camera 2 800x532 - GoPro HERO4 Session

GoPro HERO4 Session

These days there are so many cool gadgets that can help us capture life’s greatest moments. And if you are into extreme sports and need a camera that moves as fast as you do, the HERO4 series by Go Pro is packed with everything you need. Its most impressive feature is its size. It’s so small that it can literally fit in the palm of your hand, and because of its size, you can easily attach it to your body or helmet and start documenting your next big adventure. Continue reading

20292 preview low 747 3 20292 sc v2com 800x467 - DuPont™ Corian® Charging Surface

DuPont™ Corian® Charging Surface

Innovative technology and design have definitely come together when it comes to the Corian Charging Surface. The Corian Surface is a new technology that enables you to wirelessly charge your smart devices such as your mobile phones or tablets! It is incredibly easy to use- you simply add an adaptor ring or charging case and place your device on the Corian charging surface… and Voila! Continue reading

waterproof speaker boombottle2 800x800 - boomBOTTLE H2O


Fancy inviting your friends to a pool party or simply hangout at the beach? With the boomBOTTLE H20 wireless speaker you can focus on having fun and not worry about your speakers being ruined by water. This waterproof speaker has excellent audio capabilities and tones of features that ensure that the music will be heard by all. It also has a funky design, is highly compact and mobile and come in 4 great colors- black, blue, grey and yellow. Continue reading

smartphone alarm shaker 800x555 - iLuv SmartShaker

iLuv SmartShaker

My husband wakes up every morning at 5:30 A.M! The alarm goes off in the bedroom and unfortunately I end up waking up as well. I was so glad to discover a creative solution that can change this predicament. The design team at iLuv, a boutique mobile accessories company based in New-York, invented an ingenious solution called the SmartShaker. Continue reading