folio sleeve macbook mujjo 800x567 - Carry-On Folio Sleeve

Carry-On Folio Sleeve

Designed by Remy Nagelmaeker, the Carry-On Folio Sleeve by Mujjo is the traveling aficionado’s best friend. Offering a striking look with a lightweight appeal for the easy and accessible transport of your 12” Macbook, this folio offers function unlike any other. Continue reading

small phone charger dubleup 800x455 - Dubleup Power Card

Dubleup Power Card

These days our number one challenge is never running out of juice. Carrying batteries and chargers for our mobile devices is usually bulky and heavy, and doesn’t really fit with the urban on-the-go lifestyle. Meet the Power Card by Dubleup. Measuring a mere 5.5mm thin and weighing only 40.0g, the Power Card is ultra-light, ultra-thin and ultra-portable, and since it’s the size of a credit card it fits perfectly in your wallet. Continue reading

charging cable tag 800x534 - TAG Cable

TAG Cable

The TAG Cable by Native Union is a stylish and functional piece of accessory. It’s a leather charging cable that loops around your bag strap or keychain – so you never run of out juice again. Continue reading

mirrorless camera backpack ua15 800x900 - Urban approach 15 backpack by Think Tank Photo

Urban approach 15 backpack by Think Tank Photo

Photographers are always on the lookout for the perfect camera bag. And since every photographer has their own set of gear, the ideal bag changes according to their specific needs. For example, if i were into landscape or nature photography, i would probably look for a large backpack that can accommodate 1-2 dslrs, several lenses plus a telephoto zoom, filters and a large tripod; on the other hand, if i were a street photographer, i would probably go with a shoulder/messenger bag that can fit a mirrorless camera with 2-3 lenses and maybe a laptop compartment.

The Urban Approach 15 backpack is specifically designed for mirrorless cameras, which is great because I love shooting with my Sony nex6. and so when i was looking to replace my shoulder bag, i already knew what i wanted. It had to be a backpack, not too big yet not too small, easy on the eyes and on my shoulders, with a laptop/tablet compartment and an option to carry a tripod. Now there are a lot of camera bags out there and it might be possible I’ve gone over almost all of them, but I’m glad to say my search is over. Let me tell you why the Urban Approach 15 backpack by Think Tank Photo is THE bag for me. Continue reading

car jumper smartphone charger 800x527 - JumperPack Mini

JumperPack Mini

One of the most frustrating feelings is when your car won’t start because the battery is dead. You are then dependent on someone to come and help you jump start your car, and if you are far from home or help, you might have to wait a while until help arrives. If you don’t want this to happen to you, check out the JumperPack Mini- a compact battery charger that will have your car up and running in no time. Continue reading

speaker cabinet caruso 800x800 - Caruso


Looking at the epic design and colors of the Caruso trumpet sound speakers, we can’t help but burst into song: “it’s all about that base, ‘bout that base”. But seriously …could genius be any more beautiful?! Continue reading

camera rig stabilizer snow 800x533 - Snow Camera Stabilizer

Snow Camera Stabilizer

The Snow Camera Stabilizer was invented by a passionate team of designers at Greenzero. The Snow offers professional and amateur photographers an amazing tool with which to improve the quality of the pictures and videos they take. The stabilizer is unique since it uses water for balance, and this feature makes it the first and only mechanical competitor of electronic brushless gimbals. The stabilizer allows users to take fantastic long shots since it ensures smooth camera movements and perfect horizons. Continue reading

guitar microphone irig 800x533 - iRig Acoustic

iRig Acoustic

Playing acoustic guitar is awesome, and with IK multimedia’s newest invention players can take their talent to the next level. IK multimedia, an Italian based product design company, has invented the iRig Acoustic- the world’s first acoustic guitar mobile microphone/interface. Using the iRig players can enjoy a mobile acoustic playing and recording system with a professional sound. Continue reading

apple watch dock 800x533 - Pocket


If you own an Apple Watch, then you are going to be delighted to discover Pocket – a 6-in-1 portable charging dock for the Apple Watch. Exceptionally designed by Pedro Gomes, Pocket functions as an iPhone dock, an Apple Watch dock, a cable manager, a protective charging case for the Apple Watch, a portable battery and a simultaneous charging port. Continue reading

camera filter bag hive mg 800x1200 - MindShift Gear Filter Hive

MindShift Gear Filter Hive

I always thought that being organized will make my photographic life much easier. Deciding on which gear to take with me takes long enough without me delaying on scattered filter boxes. So I was looking for THE perfect bag that will hold my current – and growing – filter collection in one place. Basically, I was looking for something I could just grab and go and not worry if I missed something as everything I needed was already in the bag. Continue reading