home extension castlewood 4 - Castlewood: Big Eyed Extension

Castlewood: Big Eyed Extension


The Castlewood extensions are located in Dublin. These are two modern annexes built up to two 19th century semi-detached buildings. The area of the project is approx. 1,743 sq. ft.

Let me omit the long and complicated past (which I can’t pretend to know well, anyway) of historic annexes and decisions to replace them with new ones, for I think I should focus on what I see (not what I could possibly know) – based on the fact that the old historic 19th century substance is extended with absolutely new, outstandingly bold structures. Continue reading

uk house extension oval 4 - Oval House Extension: Round and Round

Oval House Extension: Round and Round


This unique home extension design is something we dont see everyday. An addition is usually a room or a set of rooms built to offer an extra living space. When we think about a room, or any living space for that matter, we usually think ‘box’ – a basic concept which makes this project quite unusual, considering the architects decided on an oval-shaped pavilion. Continue reading

house extension mash 7 - Mash House extension: living in the backyard

Mash House extension: living in the backyard


The Mash House is a modern extension to a double-fronted Victorian house in North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. The new addition looks nothing like the original house – It’s contemporary and sleek with a futuristic touch, celebrating the concept of outdoor spaces. Continue reading

small studio diamond 4 - Diamond House: crystalline

Diamond House: crystalline


Located deep in a canyon in Santa Monica, California, this modern extension seems to be squeezed between the main house and a severely sloping hillside. The new addition serves as a small music studio. In order to blend its sharp geometric shape with the natural surroundings the architects utilized a unique building material system in the form of laser cut fiber cement panels, giving it a crystalline quality. Continue reading

modern tattoo house 8 - Tattoo House: piece of art

Tattoo House: piece of art


At first glance, this 3 bedroom house appears as a simple box; if you look closely, you will notice a delicate tattoo stencil, depicting the graphics of a tree, providing an unusual screening method to the glass wall. This unique feature was conceived to soften the modern impact of the new home extension, which now provides a new living/kitchen space for the owner’s young family. Continue reading

barn conversion laconcha 6 - La Concha: 15th century barn conversion

La Concha: 15th century barn conversion


This award-winning private residential is a beautiful 15th century barn conversion and extension. This dramatic project makes intelligent use of natural ventilation and recycled materials, blending indoor and outdoor spaces, to create a contemporary family home. Continue reading

small house roly 10 - Roly: Small Glass Extension

Roly: Small Glass Extension


This small outbuilding is only 40 sq. meters. It has been extended and transformed into a compact house, which currently serves as a bed and breakfast. Steel sheets were introduced to the existing structure, to create a mezzanine floor – and extended outdoors, to create a living room space enclosed in a glass box. Continue reading

home extension everett 7 - Historic Home Extension: Everett House

Historic Home Extension: Everett House


A circa-1930 residence in Louisville, Kentucky has been extended and renovated with a small 485 sq. ft. addition. The new extension is based on the concept of a lantern, that allows natural light to filter inside by day, while serving as an artificial light source in the garden at night. Continue reading

home extension maison bt8 - Maison Bernier-Thibault: Work and Play Extensions

Maison Bernier-Thibault: Work and Play Extensions


Located in Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood, the exterior of this brick house suggests nothing out of the ordinary. Inside, it features an open plan space with a three-story-high stairwell that floods the entire home with sunlight. The new extension consists of a playroom and an office in the form of two boxes of glass and wood, 264 sq. ft. each, one in the garden and one on the roof. Continue reading

home extension plan hoxton - Home Extensions: Hoxton House

Home Extensions: Hoxton House


Who would have thought that a new home extension of only one meter in depth could make such a transformation… Well, it must have made an impression since this project has won the RIBA Award 2011. Continue reading