usb charging station valet1 - Conserve Valet: Smart USB Charging Station

Conserve Valet: Smart USB Charging Station


If you are like me, you sometimes find yourself needing to recharge several of your digital gadgets at the same time and there doesn’t seem to be enough electric sockets to accommodate them all – iPod, mobile phone, camera battery and the rechargeable battery unit, etc. If I do manage to find available points, I end up with little gadgets plugged in all over the house with the wires dangling and the actual items lying on the floor.

Belkin, the innovative digital accessory manufacturers have come along with a simple solution, which is both aesthetic and practical, called the Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station. Continue reading

ipod bag strida 2 - Strida iPod Bag

Strida iPod Bag


This stylish backpack from Strida is specifically designed with the iPod in mind, featuring a convenient storage for your iPod as well as a control panel on the strap – perfect for people who like to listen to music while walking or cycling. Continue reading

iphone ipod icrado 2 - iCrado iPod/iPhone Dock

iCrado iPod/iPhone Dock


iCrado from Konnet is a stylish metallic dock for your iPhone or iPod. No more leaving them lying around where they could be damaged or possibly come unplugged, simply plug in your original Apple 30-pin USB cable into the dedicated port, place your iPhone/iPod on the stand, and you’ll know the device is secure and charged when you need it. Continue reading

sanctuary device organizer5 - Sanctuary: Organize Your Daily Electronic Life

Sanctuary: Organize Your Daily Electronic Life


We really like the work they’re doing down at Bluelounge Design. In previous posts we already wrote about Dominic Symons and Melissa Sunjaya simple solutions for our daily electronic life, such as the Cool Feet for your laptop and the cord-tidy Cableyoyo. This time it’s all about this stylish Sanctuary Device Organizer. Continue reading

ipod tshirt 1 - The Coolest iPod T-Shirt

The Coolest iPod T-Shirt


How about this iPod T shirt – Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? I have got to get me one of those! The stylish BlackCoat-T by Koyono is the first iPod shirt designed for mobile aficionados who want to discreetly and safely transport their mobile gadgets whether wearing a suit or a flannel shirt. Continue reading

gelaskins2 - GelaSkins iPods and Laptop Skins

GelaSkins iPods and Laptop Skins

gelaskinsComputer laptop skins will probably be the next best thing, if it didn’t already grabbed your attention. I never understood why computer hardware companies especially laptops didn’t go for unique computer laptop skin design any sooner.

I mean, wouldn’t everyone want to place their special designed skin on their laptop which they probably carry with them everyday and anywhere. Who says a computer laptop skin should be black, gray or even white? Continue reading