travel case charger techarge - Techarge Travel Case: Full Power

Techarge Travel Case: Full Power


Travelling nowadays is a tricky business, there are so many cords and cables for the laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, camera, etc – and you need them all. The risk of forgetting something and be stuck without it is a huge headache. Well, it’s good that there are travel cases like the Techarge Travel Case to help you be prepared at all times, without any hassles. Continue reading

iphone ipad smartwipes - SmartWipes: As Simple As That

SmartWipes: As Simple As That


When something is so good, you just know you have to have it. One of the problems we have with our portable gadgets is their touch screens. At the end of the day our smartphones and tablets’ screens are messed up with fingerprints, dust, etc. And the fact is – nobody likes a dirty screen.

With SmartWipes from Griffin all of this will be history in a fast, hassle-free way. Slip a SmartWipe over your fingers and pull the tab; the SmartWipe self-moistens with just the right amount of cleaning solution; wipe your screen, then flip the SmartWipe over to dry the surface, lint-free. Yes, as simple as that. Continue reading

iphone snap case itattoo 2 - iTattoo iPhone Snap Case: Cover Story

iTattoo iPhone Snap Case: Cover Story


So, if you just got your new iPhone 4 and want to keep it protected with something unusual and extremely cool – then the iTattoo iPhone Snap Case is exactly what you’re looking for.

iTattoo is a brand new iPhone case with a unique graphic design concept. When the case is used with the iPhone 4, the illustration on the iTattoo complements the shape of the “apple” mark and makes a complete new graphic. The case attaches easily and securely, providing device coverage, scratch protection, and direct access to all features. This unique cover is not just a cover – it’s both effective and a cool fashion statement. You’re covered… Continue reading

ipod nano strap chrono 4 - Chrono iPod Nano Strap: Watch It

Chrono iPod Nano Strap: Watch It


Many times in life it’s all about maximizing everything we’ve got to the fullest. The Chrono Leather Strap is all about maximizing every feature of your new iPod Nano, and looking great while at it. Using the analog watch display function of the Nano, Chrono transforms your portable music device into an impeccable, attention-grabbing wristwatch.

The 6th generation Nano’s back clip perfectly fits Chrono’s custom-designed center slot. No-frills assembly is a matter of clipping the Nano onto the strap. The Nano’s buttons, along with the earphone jack, are fully accessible when the device is paired with Chrono, and the Nano will stay firmly in place while worn – just watch it. Continue reading

iphone charger icon power 3 - The Icon Power Pack for iPhone & iPod: Always Ready

The Icon Power Pack for iPhone & iPod: Always Ready


How come Murphy’s Law arrives exactly when we fear it the most… Ironic, isn’t it? The day you’ve decided you’d be home early and have a nice quiet evening, is exactly the day that you didn’t charge your iPhone and got stuck with your car in the middle of nowhere without a battery. The Icon Power Pack for iPhone and iPod will make sure you’re always prepared for any manifestation of the dreaded Murphy Law.

This is an external backup battery, giving you portable, additional power for all generations of iPhone and iPod with the standard charging port, including the newest iPhone 4. Continue reading

mobile battery charger ifuel - ifuel External Battery pack and Charger: First Aid

ifuel External Battery pack and Charger: First Aid


The reality is that our entire lives are literally stored on our mobile. Everyone we know, everything we plan, all our notes, our entire lives are “saved” on this little device and without it – we’re lost. We have to have a backup plan, something that will come through for us when we need it the most. And when do we need it the most? When the battery is dead, of course. The ifuel external battery pack and charger will literally save the day for us and will keep us “alive” for extra 38 hours! First aid when you need it the most. Continue reading

accessory gift set menu - Charger Tray: A Place for your Mobile Phone

Charger Tray: A Place for your Mobile Phone


It is the little things that count the most, don’t we all know it? Like the small shelf we need to put our mobile while it’s charging. Check out this stylish mobile phone charger tray from Menu – a simple yet elegant solution to hide untidy cords while charging your mobile.

It’s made of titanium coated stainless steel with silicone and plastic, and it actually looks like a miniature version of a modern chair, but don’t be mistaken – it fits almost any mobile phone and any charger. The Charger Tray will have your mobile hang in style, safe and protected from any unwanted accidents. Continue reading

iphone toys quadricopter - AR.Drone Quadricopter: Are You Up for the Challenge?

AR.Drone Quadricopter: Are You Up for the Challenge?


Are you ready for of the coolest, most thrilling toy you’ve ever seen? The AR.Drone Quadricopter is a high-tech device combining the best of many worlds, including modeling, video gaming, and augmented reality.

It is the first quadricopter that can be controlled by your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, featuring a number of sensors, including a front camera, vertical camera, and an ultrasound altimeter. It generates its own Wi-Fi network to which you connect your iPod touch or iPhone to control. The front camera view is streamed to your piloting device display. The interchangeable hulls are designed for both indoor and outdoor use – are you up for the challenge? Continue reading

iphone case cigar - The Cigar Case: iPhone Allure

The Cigar Case: iPhone Allure


It seems the allure of the gleaming silver cigarette case still remains; what was once associated with classic movie stars like Marlene Dietrich or Humphrey Bogart has made its way to the new digital world of iPhone users. Inspired from the antique cigar case, this sleek item is actually Acme Made’s new case for the iPhone – it’s a combination of class and contemporary styling, and it’s smokin’ hot (without the obvious health hazards of smoking, of course). Continue reading

nike ipod sport kit - Nike + Ipod Sport Kit – Working it Out

Nike + Ipod Sport Kit – Working it Out


We all know that being healthy means working out your body. Some of us do what we have to do in the gym, some of us are addicted to any outdoor activity that exists and some of us don’t do anything…. Rarely do I find a gadget that really sets me in the mood of ‘let’s go out and do it’; but
the Nike+ Ipod Sport Kit is something unique and special enough that not only sets me in the right mood for a workout but also encourages me to keep it up. Continue reading