nike fuel band 50x50 - Nike+ Fuel Band: The Gauntlet of Personal Health Statistics

Nike+ Fuel Band: The Gauntlet of Personal Health Statistics


If only life were a little more like a video game, we could hurt ourselves and watch health bars shrink but then rejuvenate when we picked up floating hearts, or we could increase achievement points by learning a new skill and upgrading our wooden sword to an Anointed Saber, or whatever they call them in fantasy games these days. Maybe our lives will just always be more boring than the video games, that’s why they exist, I suppose. But together, Nike and Apple have created something that simulates a little bit of the video game world in our own. Continue reading

iphone case stealth 50x50 - Stealth iPhone case: Stealthy and striking

Stealth iPhone case: Stealthy and striking


The iPhone Stealth case and cover design by Svyatoslav Boyarincev is a radical rework of an object for which a million variations have flooded the market – yet it still stands out as one of the best. Continue reading

charger powermat duracell 3 50x50 - Duracell Powermat: Charge, Don't Trip

Duracell Powermat: Charge, Don’t Trip


With power going to Wi-Fi, 4G, GPS, Video, Sound, and everything else a smartphone can do, (make calls, don’t forget), it doesn’t take long for the battery to reach a point where your day becomes a very anxious one as you run around with the charging chord looking for an outlet. Even if you’re diligent and do a fresh charge overnight, with all the different features engaged, a smartphone is a useful thing for about 30 minutes. Continue reading

ipod shuffle swim kit 50x50 - The iPod Shuffle Swim Kit: underwater soundtrack

The iPod Shuffle Swim Kit: underwater soundtrack


There’s a soothing sound to rushing water, but usually when you’re swimming, you’re more frustrated with water getting in your ears than delighting in the sound it makes. You could use earplugs, but then you wouldn’t hear anything but all of your huffing and puffing when you turn your face out of the water for a second to breath, and then plunge back down and hear blub blub blub, or something like that. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a soundtrack while underwater? Continue reading

bluetooth watch cookoo 50x50 - Cookoo: Renewing the Wristwatch for the Digital Age

Cookoo: Renewing the Wristwatch for the Digital Age


While some might say that the smartphone removes any need for single-function devices like watches, there are others who think the long-used wristwatch can evolve into something better. Some days you may want to leave your smartphone deep in your backpack with the ringer turned off. But maybe you still want to keep abreast of all your various text messages, tweets, and Facebook posts – you just don’t want to be caught with your face pointed down to a screen and accidentally run into someone walking up to you. The watch has always been a good, quick-glance tool that would give you the time without needing to examine it for to long – one quick look, and your focused on the road again. Continue reading

iphone5 case grove 3 50x50 - Grove iPhone 5 Case: might be the best iPhone case possible

Grove iPhone 5 Case: might be the best iPhone case possible


Nowadays, people begin to appreciate the benefits of bamboo as a wonderful Eco friendly renewable resource. It’s been used for various applications such as flooring, building materials and furnishings, and now it can also protect your smartphone. Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita, founders of Grove, decided to make the best iPhone case possible, and everything else would take care of itself. Check it out, isn’t it gorgeous? Continue reading

fitness monitor tinke 7 50x50 - Tinke: check your fitness and health score

Tinke: check your fitness and health score


Today, regular checkups don’t mean you need to see your doctor – all you need is your iPhone or iPad and a touch of your finger. Meet Tinke by Zensorium, a tiny monitoring device that will help you track your fitness and wellness anytime anywhere. Continue reading

iphone camera outride 50x50 - Outride: Wide-Angle Action

Outride: Wide-Angle Action


It’s difficult to tell your friends what it was like to fly down a mountain, let alone show them. On your next descent, attach your iPhone to your helmet with the Outride by Mophie to capture your expedition in wide-angle glory. There’s nothing better than first-person perspective of adventures, and the Outride enables you to pay attention to your movement instead of supporting your iPhone to make sure it’s capturing the video you need. Continue reading

wooden iphone speaker koostik 50x50 - Koostik Original: a wooden iPhone speaker system

Koostik Original: a wooden iPhone speaker system


There’s something about bare wood that trumps any new carbon-fiber, bioplastic, or silicone skin used to create the latest consumer electronics. It’s simple, sure, this seems to be the basic triumph of the material. But it distributes the beauty of design in a way that just seems, well, artificial with any other material.

The Original Koostik, an iPhone speaker system that uses no electronics, is an expert example of wood’s immortal design potential. With the same basic design of any iPhone / iPod docking speaker system, the Original Koostik soars above its home electronics competition because of its completely bare design. Continue reading

photo cube printer iphone2 50x50 - iphone photo cube printer

iphone photo cube printer


It’s white, it’s compact, it’s cubic, it has rounded edges, silver finishes and it can give life to your iPhone pictures. It is the photo cube printer.
As easy as it has become snapping pictures with our smartphones, so easy is holding them printed in our hands becoming. How? The cube printer gets directly connected to your phone and produces high quality prints from your favorite snapshots at home or at the office. Continue reading