treehouse tsala 5 - African treehouse Tsala

African treehouse Tsala


The Tsala Treetop Lodge is yet another amazing treehouse resort in Africa designed by BlueForest. With its magnificent architecture, this treehouse design is fit for a king, combining stone, wood and glass. Continue reading

african treehouse lodge4 - African treehouse lodge

African treehouse lodge


I admit, i have a soft spot for all treehouses. Maybe it’s because i always dreamed about having my own tree house but never really had one…Anyway, while i was roaming the web i found Jaci’s Tree Lodge – a unique African treehouse design! Continue reading

cedar creek treehouse - Cedar Creek Treehouse

Cedar Creek Treehouse


The Cedar Creek Tree house at Mount Rainier is not for the faint of heart. However, when i came across this Earth-friendly cabin retreat i said to myself: One day, i too will sleep 50 feet up in a 200-year old giant Western Red Cedar tree… Continue reading

papua tree houses 3 - Papua tree houses

Papua tree houses


These amazing tree houses were spotted in the lowland rainforests of south-central Papua, where the Korowai and Kombai tribes live. Continue reading


Tree house by LukaszKos


This tree house was designed by Lukasz Kos. 410 sq. ft. are spreading vertically to create the 4 treehouse. Continue reading


Tree house design Hunters Hill


As you enter this amazing tree house which is the home and architectural office of Steven Isaacs and Lisa Saville, you can hear the sound of leaves. With soaring eucalypti all around the plot in Australia’s Hunters Hill, what else can you possibly need? Continue reading

wild canopy reserve hotel2 - Tree houses resorts Wild Canopy Reserve

Tree houses resorts Wild Canopy Reserve


A great example for eco tourism is the Wild Canopy Reserve hotel, located in south India. This eco-friendly hotel offers tree house accommodation while an elephant or a tiger lingers at your doorstep. Continue reading

tree house design - Tree house sphere design

Tree house sphere design

tree-house-designThis tree house design is called the “Free Spirit Spheres” developed by a Canadian company in BC.

It looks like a wooden sphere hovering among leaves and sunshine beams, ideal as a kid tree house or even as your own small meditation retreat. Enthusiastic photographers or bird watchers would love it as well.

This unique tree house design looks as if aliens have left a small unidentified wooden object while nature engulfed it through time. Pretty cool, if you ask me. I’m sure all nature lovers, as myself, would love this tree house retreat. Continue reading


I would love my own tree house

Building a tree house was always my life-long dream. The elevated feeling of standing on top of a tree branch, just like a bird contemplating where to go next, gazing at the horizon on breezy nights. That is why when i first saw Baumraum tree house (what a great name and logo design) – I could actually see how my tree house plan becoming a reality. Continue reading