Tree house design Hunters Hill


As you enter this amazing tree house which is the home and architectural office of Steven Isaacs and Lisa Saville, you can hear the sound of leaves. With soaring eucalypti all around the plot in Australia’s Hunters Hill, what else can you possibly need?

With a challenge of not removing a single tree, the house contractors, Trinium Group have managed to achieve at the entry level, an open-plan kitchen and living areas which flow onto a 12-metre-high deck, perched above never-ending leafy vistas. This tree house design includes a retention of a 30-metre-high eucalypti that rises through the rear, cantilevered deck.

“We wanted the project to be as environmentally sensitive as possible. There would be no excavation and we didn’t want to disturb nature,” Isaacs says.


This eco-friendly tree house design also has an elegant butterfly roof that provides shade, draws in morning light and channels rainwater into 9000-litre water tanks. The perfect tree house. (Full article here)

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