papua tree houses 3 - Papua tree houses

Papua tree houses


These amazing tree houses were spotted in the lowland rainforests of south-central Papua, where the Korowai and Kombai tribes live.

papua-tree-housesDiscovered by the outside world just 30 years ago, the fascinating Korowai and Kombai tribes used to be cannibalistic tribes, isolated in their original ancestral territories deep in the rainforest.

Each clan has one to five treehouses, which go from 6 to 25 and sometimes up to 50 meters high protecting them from heat, insects, evil forest spirits and enemies. These tree houses are truly gravity defying homes perched on top of the tree; try to imagine the view from their balcony.




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3 thoughts on “Papua tree houses

  1. hassan feridonzadeh

    This project is very pretty for my region in my country.
    I am architect from IRAN. and published a treehouse book in my country. I write for about Papua tree house in my book .
    actually is very nice project,
    Best wishes for residential tree house.

    Hassan feridonzadeh
    Architect+ Teacher

  2. Stephen

    Cleverly made too. iI think they had to find a group of trees first that would support the house to be built on them.
    Do you think they built the houses so high up to enjoy the view, or to spot the neighbours coming on a headhunt visit on time?


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