treehouse tsala 5 - African treehouse Tsala

African treehouse Tsala


The Tsala Treetop Lodge is yet another amazing treehouse resort in Africa designed by BlueForest. With its magnificent architecture, this treehouse design is fit for a king, combining stone, wood and glass.

Elevated wooden walkways will guide you through the trees to 10 exclusive and very private suites tucked into the forest canopy, where you will find a sumptuous bedroom, an elegant sitting room with fireplace, and a spacious bathroom.


A private deck has been extended into the forest where you can enjoy dining al fresco or take a dip in the gorgeous infinity pool…just look at it. It seems as if it’s hanging by a thread, suspended in midair…Oh, when will my African adventure take place?



The Tsala Treetop Lodge is affiliated to prestigious Relais & Chateaux as well as to Chaine des Rotisseurs.




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One thought on “African treehouse Tsala

  1. N.F.Hoffmann

    If there were any better way to endorse saving the sacred tree than building living homes within them then i am at a loss .

    This is and would be great advertising for such worthy ventures now that the rainforest sits open and dead from developers who have wiped out uncontacted tribes there for development !

    I am unsure about Africa,s dillemma but i am sure it,s dwindling so these types of housing need to be encouraged to preserve the world lung bank !


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