treehouse design kapeller6 - Kaban van Kapellerput: Among The Trees

Kaban van Kapellerput: Among The Trees


This beautiful treehouse is located south of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It was designed to serves as a reception area for seminars, workshops, company outings or for private parties and special ceremonies. It spans a total area of 160 sq. meters, which includes a meeting room, two satellites to work in small groups, satellite toilet, a terrace and a kitchen/bar. Continue reading

treehouse cabin pavilion 6 - The Green Pavilion: A B&B Treehouse

The Green Pavilion: A B&B Treehouse


Located a short drive from the beautiful city of Avignon, France, this charming tree house is actually a bed and breakfast cabin. The Green Pavilion, or Le Pavilion Vert in French, offers a charming 20 sq. meters cabin for two people, with a double bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and a lovely 7 sq. meters terrace shaded by foliage. Continue reading

treehouse bridge sophie - Sophie's Terrace: Up In The Trees

Sophie’s Terrace: Up In The Trees


Sophie’s Terrace is located at the foot of the magnificent Chartreuse Mountains in eastern France. I wouldn’t call it a treehouse per se, but more of an open space with a panoramic view, built 7.5 meters high on an Austrian pine tree on the edge of a grove – the perfect place to enjoy fabulous summer days and warm nights under the stars. Continue reading

treehouse studio banyan5 - Banyan Drive Treehouse Studio

Banyan Drive Treehouse Studio


With a total space of 170 sq.ft., the Banyan Drive Treehouse is situated in the backyard of a canyon residence. It serves as an office/studio as well as a small getaway for a nature-loving artist, and it’s located at the base of a large pine tree perched 12 feet off the ground. Continue reading

tree house bubble 2 - BubbleTree House

BubbleTree House


This is for all you treehouse fans… What could be better than retreating early in the morning to a cozy nest, captivated by the reawakening of nature all around your bed. Continue reading

kobayashi treedom book - Treehouse People

Treehouse People


This amazingly beautiful tree house design can be found in Kamishihoro, Hokkaido, Japan’s second largest island. This treehouse seems as if it has been taken out of a fairytale winter wonderland. Continue reading

geodesic dome - Geodesic Dome and Treehouse

Geodesic Dome and Treehouse

Michael Wielgus from Krakow, Poland, sent us his dome-shaped, wooden treehouse, which was inspired by the geodesic dome structures of American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. Continue reading

yellow treehouse cafe 3 - Yellow Treehouse Cafe

Yellow Treehouse Cafe


This unique tree-house design reminds me of an onion. It can also be conceived as a cocoon, a sea shell or a glowing lantern at night time. However you might see it, it’s actually a restaurant 10m up a redwood tree, called the Yellow Treehouse cafe, designed by Pacific Environments Architects. Continue reading

magic tree house room - Magic Tree House room

Magic Tree House room


Based in Virginia, Kidtropolis makes the most amazing furniture and interior space solutions for children. Their Magic Tree House room is a great example for craftsmanship and creativity, and as you all know, Busyboo loves treehouses …Oh, where were you guys when I was just a toddler? Continue reading

amazon treehouse - A Fairytale Treehouse

A Fairytale Treehouse


I came across yet another tree house company called Amazon Treehouses and what I particularly love about their tree house design is that it’s magical, almost as if taken from a fairytale. Continue reading