Aqua Wellness resort: A treehouse hotel

Nowadays, it seems there are more and more luxury treehouse hotels popping up across the globe. Take for example the Aqua Wellness Resort – a stylish hotel with private, secluded villas nestled among the treetops on a private white sandy beach along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. Hmm, I sure like the sound of that… Continue reading


Treehouse: between alder and oak

Could this be a nature lover’s dream come true? The concept of the tree house has always been on everyone´s childhood memories, as a kind of sacred place for joy and everlasting happiness. Baumraum has turned this shared passion into a reality: the Treehouse. Continue reading

Djuren treehouse: A nest for the whole family


Here’s another modern treehouse design from the great guys at baumraum. This unique structure features a shape of an egg – both inside and out; it’s located in a wooded area near Bremen, Germany, serving as the owners’ comfortable tree house – A nest for the whole family. Continue reading


Under Heaven Treehouse: A cabin in the sky


Under Heaven is an interesting project by Leonard van Munster. This tree house is perched at the top of the 12-story building of Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam. It is constructed from boxes and packing materials portraying original graphical text displays. A cabin in the sky. Continue reading


Exceptional Treehouses: Cabins In The Trees

Treehouse lovers, eco-friendly architects, and enthusiastic amateurs – if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out “Exceptional Treehouses” by author and tree-house builder Alain Laurens. This 192 pages hardcover book covers 30 gorgeous treehouse projects filled with beautiful watercolors sketches and photographs. Continue reading


Finca Bellavista: My treehouse in the jungle


The Finca Bellavista is a sustainable treehouse community nestled in the mountains of Costa Rica. It’s designed for ecologically minded, adventurous individuals, who are looking to live within the treetops of a unique rainforest ecosystem while promoting the conservation of species and the natural environment. It’s off the ground, off the grid and out of this world – a true treetop paradise. Continue reading


God’s Treehouse


This huge treehouse rises 97 feet into the sky, supported by a live, 80 foot tall white oak 12 feet in diameter at its base. People flock from across the country to Crossville, Tennessee, to marvel at this tree creation. It was built by 56-year-old landscape architect, Horace Burgess, who was inspired by a vision of a treehouse church. You’ve got to see it, to believe it. Continue reading


Treehouse Prague: Terraced Tree House


This wooden tree house is nestled in a big garden with lots of trees. It was built close by to the owners main house. After climbing a few stairs you arrive to a small exposed terrace among tree branches and leaves; a couple of steps more and you’re invited into a small enclosed cabin with 360º glass windows overlooking all directions, and a small rectangular skylight for night time star gazing. Continue reading


Cliff Treehouse: A New York Getaway


You know how much I love treehouses, the feeling of being up there with birds, leaves and sky… So, when I saw this tree house I must admit it took my breath away. First of all, the location is superb – two hours north of NYC, close to the Hudson River in the beautiful state of New York. Second of all, just look at it – it’s exquisite! Hanging by a ‘thread’ over a cliff peering out into the amazing hilly landscape and beyond. As Alicia Keys sings ‘some people have it all’… Continue reading


African Treehouse: Lake Manyara Tree Lodge


This luxurious tree lodge is nestled in a remote mahogany forest in Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. Romantically exclusive with only 10 elegantly intimate stilted treehouse suites, the lodge features warm wood interiors, comfortable sitting rooms, wide open private decks and massive window areas opening up to the lush forest, elegant ensuite bathrooms and a sparkling outdoor swimming pool – a piece of heaven in the wild. Continue reading