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Tree house sphere design

tree-house-designThis tree house design is called the “Free Spirit Spheres” developed by a Canadian company in BC.

It looks like a wooden sphere hovering among leaves and sunshine beams, ideal as a kid tree house or even as your own small meditation retreat. Enthusiastic photographers or bird watchers would love it as well.

This unique tree house design looks as if aliens have left a small unidentified wooden object while nature engulfed it through time. Pretty cool, if you ask me. I’m sure all nature lovers, as myself, would love this tree house retreat.

This tree house sphere can be hung from trees or from any other solid objects like buildings or rock faces, while a web of rope is connected to any strong points available. This suspended tree house uses the forest for its foundation connecting us even further to our surroundings. Each sphere has four attachments on top and another four anchor points on the bottom. Each attachment is strong enough to carry the entire sphere and its contents.

These Free Spirits wood spheres are made of two laminations of wood strips over laminated wood frames, much like a cedar strip canoe or kayak. The outside is then finished and covered with clear fiberglass. The result is a beautiful, waterproof and very tough skin. he structure has the ability to absorb shock loads or any other impacts that come with life in a dynamic environment such as the forest. This creative tree house design is truly for the Free Spirit.

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3 thoughts on “Tree house sphere design

  1. Eric White

    i saw the TV … and thought what a great idea..

    i think size is ok but how about more then one close to gather to make a family grouping

    i what thinking what if i had no trees could one create a Geo dome structure (just the skeleton with as few ribs as possible ) to support a cluster of them.

    i am thinking above a bird or wild life protected area… (as few as possible footings )

    Also a though could the Geodesic be able to be on water.

    I have many strange ideas but hope you get a laugh but think of the possibles…


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