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Transforming the common shipping cargo containers into houses, studios, shops and work spaces is a great idea. Cargotecture, as Joel Egan and Robert Humble call it, offers large, low-cost prefab housing solutions based on a vision of sustainability and a modular approach.

I love how the outside of this prefab getaway is rugged and industrial whereas the interior of this shipping container home is refined, comfortably inviting and warm.






HyBrid Seattle is a multi-disciplinary team of creative thinkers in the fields of architecture, art, landscape architecture, history and urban ecology.

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14 thoughts on “Container homes HyBrid Seattle

  1. Laura Pierce

    I’m looking for a contact in the Seattle who can show me some container homes.


  2. Zachare

    I am very interested in working for any Seattle or Montana based firm using this medium for housing. Any recomendations on where I might find more information?

  3. dennis

    looking for 2 bedroom 1 bath ship container home livingroom kitchen how much would this go for complete and summit ny 12175

  4. John DeWind

    Im as well been very interested in this concept. My interest was in the mountains of Colorado but am really interested with these designs for the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands>
    Can these bee shipped via ship all finished out with appliances?
    john deWind

  5. dhenny

    I am very interested in the design of this house, is it possible to delivery and installation to Indonesia? can you please inform about the price details for two rooms type, and how much land area that should I provide to keep these kontainer, thankyou

  6. shelby

    i have a 40 fter and i am looking for some ideas for it. we are a family of 3 just looking for a clean timeless look. can you help?

  7. Aaron Work

    what a awsome design ! just what im looking for, do you know what the over all cost was to build this humble abode?

  8. Joel Egan

    Hi reader,

    These two containers are 20′ long each, slid past one another six feet or so to create the bed nook and the bathroom.

    They do look large inside because of modern clean lines, built in storage that matches the walls, and floor to ceiling windows.

    Our models are numbered after the square footage. The c320s, or ‘Studio 320′, is 320sf or 16′x20′.

    Thanks for the question.


  9. Matthew smith

    Are they 20ft or 40ft containers because they look fairly small from the outside but loook roomy on the inside

  10. Joel Egan

    Hi reader,

    This is Joel Egan, Principal of HyBrid.

    There is more to these units than the plans. The structural engineering, the insulation and site-fitting details, and the fabrication network have all been hard to build over many years.

    We produce the complete units cost effectively — although one should not presume that the cargotecture should be half price just because it is in a container. HyBrid does wood modular works at this scale for about 15% less cost than the steel mod containers. That’s what our research finds anyway.

    Please visit our website for more of our prefabricated works and how to get them.



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