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California-based IC Green manufactures and pre-assembles homes, studios and cabanas from recycled shipping containers. Whether a small guest house or studio or an expansive residence, these prefab homes come with large glass openings, a well insulated envelope and a modular living green roof.

The 20” steel box frames are delivered by truck and lifted in place by crane or forklift.



I love that the company’s largest house model is designed around a central courtyard, featuring a three bedroom house with two full baths, a full Galley kitchen, laundry room and ample closet space. Solar applications for domestic warm water, radiant floor, and electricity production are also available.

IC Green 2400: Prefab house plan.




IC Green 320: Prefab studio/guest house plan.


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10 thoughts on “Container Homes ICGreen

  1. D. Sabella

    Can I get pricing on your small 1 person container homes.
    look amazing!
    Thank you, D.S.

  2. Mary Keys

    Would like info & pricing on the smaller guest house container homes. They look roomer then I could imagine them being.

  3. Terri

    These are great! what a unique use of a material. Would you please contact me. I am interested in a studio, but live on an island….
    Thank you!

  4. shelby

    i have a 40 ft container and we want to put dirt on the roof, how did you do it? is it rusting your roof? how are you enjoying your house?

  5. Storage Containers

    I was just looking at a smaller storage container home and couldn’t believe that this could be built. Now that I am looking at a floor plan for a large storage container home with a studio, bathroom, and kitchen amazes me. The larger floor plan above seems so unreal. How long is the building process for the larger homes? Again, what are the prices on these?

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